IPVanish Coupon, Get 60% Discount – Working November 2018 [Guide]

Do you like to torrent or use Kodi or Fire Stick? How about just want to remain private and get some extra security while you’re online? IPVanish can do all of these things – and more. Although affordable already, in this post we have an offer exclusively for AT readers that will save you up to 60% off when you sign up.

Read on to learn how to get this special offer.

IPVanish – Balanced privacy and performance

IPVanish manages something unique, and tough to achieve – the right balance between speed and privacy. VPNs are known for slowing down your connection, but the alternative – no VPN – leaves your data and traffic vulnerable to the whims of your ISP.

By finding an advantageous position between the two extremes, IPVanish provides a solid VPN experience for everyone. Add some unique features, and Torrenters and Kodi-users get an extra “oomph,†as well.

With regular pricing on IPVanish’s three plan offerings, you’ll pay a few different prices – but as an AT reader, if you click on the link below, you’ll get access to some great savings. Their 1-month plan goes from $11.99/month to $7.50/month – saving you 38%. IPVanish’s 3-month comes in regularly at $35.97 for 3 months – but for you, you’ll get 44% off at just $20.24 for 3 months.

But your best deal is their 1-year plan. Normally the same price as the month-to-month plan ($11.99), as an AT reader, you’ll pay just $4.87/month – that’s 60% off!

How to get 60% off IPVanish when you sign up

How can you access this awesome deal? Just click on our link below. You’ll be taken to our AT-only access page on IPVanish, where you can select your preferred plan. Then, create an account and select between your best credit card or your PayPal account for payment. Then you’re in!

Do I have to type in a code to get this coupon?

Nope – there’s no need to try and remember the numbers and digits to type in later and click “apply.†As soon as you select your plan, the coupon code will be applied for you.

Will I qualify for this coupon?

If you’re a first-time subscriber, yes, you will. There are a few glitches that can cause some caveats to this, though –

  • If you have multiple failed signup attempts with the coupon, you may not be able to apply it.
  • Any failed payment attempts which cause your account to go inactive may disqualify you from using the coupon.
  • Unfortunately, this coupon cannot be used for current subscribers at this time – it’s only for new signups.

What happens if this coupon doesn’t work?

IPVanish’s support recommends that you make sure none of the things under the previous heading have occurred. If everything is fine with those, but you still can’t apply the coupon, contact customer support. A few things to include when you talk to them, taken directly from their online customer support page:

  • Where you tried to apply the coupon (signup or account page)
  • What coupon you tried to use
  • An approximate time and date that you tried to use the coupon
  • Your username or email address if different from the email address you are already providing

Customer support will work with you to see what they can do to get you your discount.

Quick review

IPVanish has a 1,000+ servers with 40,000+ shared IP addresses, across more than 60 countries – that’s a big network. What’s more, their server selection defaults to a simple list that sorts by country, response time, server load, and any favorites you’ve been to before. By arraying your options this way, IPVanish ensures that you can find the best VPN for your use-case – whether that be the speed, getting around local geo-blocks or just about anything else.

One of IPVanish’s best features is its lack of restriction on Kodi video streams, P2P network downloads, and torrenting. Rest assured that you can easily share large files, anonymously, all day long.

IPVanish has 256-bit AES encryption with the best settings already in place to balance speed with security. That being said, if you have connection problems or significant speed drops, you get the option to tweak the protocols in favor of either. This gives you another option aside from switching servers.

Finally, although IPVanish has been known to have some trouble getting around VPN-blockers put in place by major streaming service – like Netflix and Hulu – the test we performed in our full review showed that IPVanish can still come through. It’s always a game of cat and mouse, and we trust IPVanish to always make the effort to stay a step ahead wherever possible.

Check out our in-depth 2018 IPVanish review.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR AT READERS – Get 60% off today and pay just $4.87/month to torrent and Kodi stream limitlessly!

Save money + Get secure with IPVanish

If you like speed and security, like to torrent, or use Kodi or Fire Stick, then take advantage of IPVanish’s unique deal today.

Have you used IPVanish? Did you apply a coupon or discount? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments section!

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