How to Watch SpoTV outside South Korea [Guide]

Sport in South Korea is a big deal. The country is mad about it and plenty of different domestic leagues. But South Korean sport has a relatively low international profile. A few South Koreans have made it into the major league sports in the USA. The South Korean soccer team has enjoyed a few high-profile successes, not least reaching the semi-finals when they co-hosted the World Cup in 2002. But generally speaking, most Korean sport has little interest to people outside of Korea.

This is a problem for South Koreans living outside the country who want to follow their favorite teams. Around 7 million Koreans are thought to live overseas, with the majority of these in Japan, China, and the USA. For them, SpoTV could be their salvation. South Korea’s premier sports broadcaster carries almost all the big domestic leagues as well as plenty of international sports events with Korean commentaries too. There is just one problem. SpoTV isn’t available outside Korea. But there is a way around this if you use a VPN. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about SpoTV and explain how to watch SpoTV outside Korea.

How to watch SpoTV outside Korea

SpoTV is an exclusively South Korean broadcaster. They broadcast in Korean, a language which is not widely spoken outside the country and the cover a lot of domestic Korean sporting events. It is therefore not a big surprise that SpoTV is only available to viewers in South Korea. While there may be little outside interest in Korean domestic sports, SpoTV also covers a lot of international sports too. But it only holds the rights to show these sports in South Korea. SpoTV, therefore, is obliged to use geo-restriction technology to stop internet users from outside South Korea being able to access their live streaming service.

Geo-restriction works by looking at each users IP Address. This small bit of code allows them to determine where in the world that person is connecting from. If they are in Korea they can stream, but if they are not, they will be blocked. However, there is a way to fool this technology. You can do it by using a VPN. A VPN redirects all of your online activity through an external server. This server tags your online data with its own IP Address and therefore hides your own. If that server is located in South Korea, then SpoTV will think that your connection is being made from South Korea and so permit you to stream SpoTV no matter where you are.

Best VPNs to watch SpoTV outside Korea

The choice of which VPN to use to watch SpoTV outside Korea is a difficult one. There are many VPNs on the market and all of them claim to be the best in the business. However, the quality of service and can vary and not all are suitable for online streaming. That’s why we have taken a look at all of the main providers to help you identify the best VPNs to use for watching SpoTV. We have also taken into account user feedback and identified the main qualities which a VPN needs to offer in order to do a good job:

  • Fast Connection Speeds – Online streaming requires the fastest internet connections possible, but some VPNs can slow your internet speeds down. This is not true of the very best providers though. They will have a negligible effect and be able to stream all types of content without buffering issues.
  • No bandwidth restrictions – Online streaming uses up a lot of data, so a VPN which places limits on data use if no good for streaming SpoTV. But the market leaders have no such restrictions meaning that you can stream as much SpoTV content as you like.
  • Size of server network –the more international servers a VPN offers, the easier it is access SpoTV around the world.
  • Encryption strength and security–VPNs are primarily an online security and privacy tool and the best providers will offer strong encryption to keep user data safe.
  • Effectiveness of privacy policies – If you are using a VPN to get around SpoTV’s geo-restrictions, you want to be sure neither they or anyone else can find out. The best VPNs keep no user logs which means that no-one can see what you are doing online when you use their service.

On the basis of these qualities and our testing, we recommended three VPNs for streaming SpoTV outside Korea. Each of these providers offers a secure connection, strong privacy protections, and fast speeds, making them all perfect for the job. Our recommended VPNs are:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most highly regarded VPNs around and is perfect for streaming SpoTV outside Korea. It offers users a great combination of fast connections, strong security, robust privacy provisions, and ease of use. As the name implies, ExpressVPN is focused on delivering super-fast connections which makes it the ideal VPN for online streaming. Their security includes a strong 256-bit encryption, and they also have an IP address checker and DNS leak protection. Being based in the British Virgin Islands means they can offer some of the most robust privacy protections around including a guaranteed no-logging policy.

The ExpressVPNserver network is one of the biggest around too. It currently offers in excess of 1,500 servers in 94 different countries, including South Korea. There are no bandwidth restrictions with ExpressVPN either and they have developed a great range of user-friendly apps which are available for almost every device. If there is one downside to ExpressVPN, they are a little pricier than many of their rivals. But, they offer a superb all-round service and their many happy customers are a testament to the idea that it is sometimes worth paying a little more for the best service.

Read our full ExpressVPN review here.

BEST DEAL: Sign up for a year with ExpressVPN at $6.67 per month and get 3 months FREE! There’s also an amazing risk-free 30-day money back guarantee, just in case you’re not completely satisfied.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most affordable VPN providers around at the moment, not least thanks to their new three-year subscription deal. They prove that you don’t always have to pay more for premium VPN services. NordVPN used to have a reputation for being a bit slow and rarely made lists of recommended VPNs for online streaming. But they have made big recent investments in their infrastructure and their server network is now made up of largely super-fast servers. The result is that their connection speeds are now among the quickest available.

NordVPN’s offer another large server network too with 1779 servers available across 61 countries globally. Their security provisions are robust too, with 256-bit encryption on OpenVPN connections as standard and features such as a kill switch and shared IP Addresses offered as standard. They also offer an impressive range of additional security features too, including a double VPN server option, which reroutes your internet data via two servers for extra protection and Onion over VPN servers, which pushes your traffic through the TOR Network and a VPN for additional security. There are no restrictions on data use for NordVPN customers either, which helps to make NordVPN another great provider for those looking to stream SpoTV outside Korea.

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3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is the final recommended VPN on this list. It is the perfect provider to opt for if you are a relative novice with VPNs and are looking for a great service which is really simple to use. CyberGhost offers beautifully designed, user-friendly apps require absolutely no configuration or technical knowledge. These are available on almost every device and all you have to do to watch SpoTV overseas is click on the option for “Unblock Streaming†and then choose a server in South Korea. They do the rest automatically and when you visit the SpoTV site, you should have no trouble streaming everything.

CyberGhost may be simple, but it still offers some robust security and privacy protections including 256-bit encryption and a trustworthy no logging policy. Their server network offers a huge 1,300 servers across almost 60 countries including South Korea, which makes them another standout VPN provider for fans of SpoTV.

Read our full CyberGhost review here.

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What is SpoTV

SpoTV is a premium Korean cable broadcaster which primarily offers sports-related content. They offer a total of four different channels, SpoTV, SpoTV2, SpoTV+, and SpoTV Games. The first three channels are devoted to conventional sports, while the Games channel is their dedicated e-sports offering which exclusively covers competitive online gaming.

As a Korean broadcaster, SpoTV offers almost exclusively Korean language content, which is one of the reasons why South Korea remains their market focus. There are the dominant sports broadcaster in the country and hold the rights to almost all of the main Korean domestic sports leagues as well as many major international leagues from Europe and the USA. They also offer documentaries, talk-shows, and a host of other sports-related content too. As well as offering a cable TV service, viewers can also stream SpoTV coverage online on all the main devices.

What can I watch on SpoTV?

As the main sports broadcaster in South Korea, SpoTV is the place to go to watch almost all the main sporting events. On the main SpoTV channel, viewers can watch the KBO League, Korea’s professional baseball league. Baseball is the national sport in Korea and the KBO is a big deal for many Koreans both at home and overseas. It also shows American Major League Baseball, NBA basketball, many of the big soccer games around the world, such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. They also show a whole host of different sports in which South Korean Teams are competing.

SpoTV2 shows much of the same content on repeat as well as additional programmes related to the KBO, major US sports, and also UFC mixed martial arts too. On SpoTV 3, there is more UFC content, catch-up and repeat content, and also extensive coverage of the domestic K-League soccer competition, which is one of the most exciting soccer leagues in south-east Asia. And the SpoTV Games is focused exclusively on online gaming with live coverage of all the biggest e-sports events from Korea and around the world plus various related content and discussion shows.

What devices can I watch SpoTV on?

SpoTV is available on all the usual devices. You can download their dedicated apps onto all the major devices including Android, iPhone, and iPad, as well as Windows and Mac laptops and computers. They also offer a live online streaming service, SpoTV Now, which is available on their website and also via several other platforms.

If you want the ultimate live sports experience, there is also a dedicated SpoTV available for Smart TVs too. This means you can get all the live action from SpoTV onto your own TV and enjoy the big games on a big screen rather than screwing up your eyes to watch it on your mobile. But whichever device you choose, SpoTV has the tools for you for you to enjoy their extensive live sports coverage. And with a VPN you can do this from anywhere in the world.


SpoTV is the channel for Korean sports fans. It offers a comprehensive range of events including all the big domestic Korean sports leagues which can be difficult to stream from anywhere else. They also offer Korean language coverage of all the big international sports events and leagues too. This is why many of the large Korean diaspora around the world are so keen to be able to access SpoTV from overseas. Unfortunately, the channel itself restricts access to viewers based in Korea. But as we have explained, by using a VPN, you can still enjoy the complete range of SpoTV sporting coverage no matter where in the world you are.

Are you a fan of SpoTV? How do you find their coverage and the online streaming service they offer? Is it the best way to view domestic Korean sporting events? Have you watched SpoTV with a VPN? Which VPN provider did you use? Was it one of the ones we recommend? How did you find their service? We always like to hear the comments and opinions of all our readers, so why not share them with us using the comment box below?

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