How to watch interactive Netflix content on Windows 10 & Mac [Guide]

Last year, Netflix announced it was releasing interactive content. At the time, the interactive titles that were available were geared towards kids so, outside the novelty of the idea, people weren’t that hyped about it. This year, there’s a new Black Mirror episode out that is interactive. The only problem is that interactive support isn’t universally available. Not even Apple TV users can watch and interact with it. The good news is that, despite what it may seem, you can watch interactive Netflix content on Windows 10 and on a Mac.

Watch interactive Netflix content

If you’re using Windows 10, it’s likely that you use the Netflix UWP app and it does not let you interact with the interactive content. The solution for both Windows 10 and Mac users is simple; use a browser.

You can use almost any modern browser to watch interactive Netflix content on Windows 10 and/or Mac. Chrome fits the bill nicely. Open Netflix in your browser and search for the interactive title you want to watch. It will play like any normal title. When you get to a choice within the story line, use your mouse to select one of the two options.

Other Devices

It goes without saying that you can watch interactive Netflix content on other devices as well. iOS devices i.e., iPhones and iPads running the latest version of the Netflix app will be able to select options within an interactive story.

Android devices can play interactive Netflix content however, it doesdepend both on the version of Android that you’re running on your device, and the version of the Netflix app that you have. If you have a fairly recent version of Android, either Oreo or Pie, make sure the Netflix app on your phone is up to date and check if you’re able to interact with the various interactive titles.

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If you’re trying to watch interactive content on your Apple TV, you can’t. Not out of the box anyway. You can try mirroring it from your iPhone or iPad and interact with it from your device. This same trick won’t work for the Chromecast. If you cast to it from one of your devices, the content will only play on your screen/monitor and not on whichever device you’re casting from making it impossible to interact with it.

Of course, if you can just watch interactive Netflix content on Windows 10 or Mac, you can also mirror it from either one of those platforms to your smartTV of choice. It may take some setting up but it is possible.

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