How to watch Global TV outside Canada [Guide]

The Global Television Network, often referred to as Global TV, is the second-most watch private TV network in Canada. It owns and operates twelve TV stations, all of which broadcast in English nationwide. The Global TV output includes news and current affairs, sports, entertainment and much more besides. It can trace its origins back as far as 1966, and the fact that many Canadian’s have grown up watching its programming is undoubtedly a factor in the enduring popularity of Global TVs channels. However, this popularity is also down to their wide array of hit shows and high-quality content too.


Global TV streams almost all of their content through their website and their Global Go apps. But if you are based outside Canada, you may already have realized that you cannot access these streaming services from overseas. As soon as you cross the Canadian border, Global TV will start to employ geo-blocking technology to prevent you from streaming their shows. Fortunately, there is a way around this which allows both Canadian ex-pats and fans of Canadian TV and culture to view all their favorite Global TV shows no matter where they are. The solution is a VPN, and, in this article, we will explain exactly how to use one to watch Global TV outside Canada.

How to watch Global TV outside Canada

Global TV is a big deal in Canada, but it is focused solely on the domestic Canadian market. It does not hold the rights to broadcast any of its content outside Canada. Even the shows Global TV produces itself will be sold to other broadcasters overseas whenever possible. As a result, Global TV cannot make its online streaming service available outside Canada. It, therefore, has to use a technique known as geo-blocking to try and ensure that no one outside the country can watch. But the good news is that there is a way around this.

Geo-blocking works by analyzing the IP Address of every visitor to a site. This small bit of code allows Global TV to determine precisely where in the world that person is connecting from. If they are in Canada, they can access the Global TV streaming service. But if they are not, they will be blocked. However, by using a VPN it is really simple to fool this technology. A VPN works by redirecting all of your online activity through an external server. This server tags your online data with its own IP Address and so hides your own. If the server is located in Canada, then Global TV will see a Canadian IP Address, assume you are in Canada, and therefore let you access their streaming service, no matter where you are. It’s a really easy process:

  1. Sign up for a VPN.
  2. Download their app onto the device you want to stream Global TV onto.
  3. Log-in and connect to a server located in Canada.
  4. Visit the Global TV website or open the app and start streaming their programs.

It is that simple. In fact, the only difficult part is deciding which VPN to use for the job.

Best VPNs to watch Global TV outside Canada

The choice of which VPN to use to watch Global TV outside Canada can seem like a tricky one. There are a lot of VPNs on the market and all claim to be the best in the business. But the reality is that the quality of service can be mixed and not all are well-suited to online streaming. That’s why we have road-tested all the main VPNs on the market to help you identify the best VPN for watching Global TV overseas. In doing so, we have identified the core criteria which users should be looking for in a VPN:

  • Fast Connection Speeds – All online streaming requires quick internet connection speeds, but some lesser VPNs can slow these speeds down. The best have a negligible impact though.
  • Availability of Canadian servers: Most VPNs have a wide range of server locations available, but to stream Global TV outside Canada, you need to ensure there is a decent selection of servers based in Canada available.
  • No bandwidth restrictions – Online streaming is very data intensive, but some VPNs can place limits on the amount of data users can pass through their servers. Global TV viewers will want to choose a VPN with no such restrictions.
  • Encryption strength and security–VPNs encrypt user data to keep it safe and secure. The best providers offer strong encryption and this is worth seeking out.
  • Effectiveness of privacy policies – Global TV doesn’t like people getting around its geo-restrictions, so you will want to keep your activities as private as possible. The best VPNs keep no user logs, which means that no record of what you are doing online is kept.

On the basis of these criteria and our tests, we have identified three great VPNs which are all a good choice for watching Global TV outside Canada:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best-known VPNs on the market and it is the perfect choice for streaming Global TV overseas. As the name ExpressVPN suggests, this VPN specialize in super-fast connection speeds. Their security and privacy provisions are robust too, including strong 256-bit encryption as standard and a number of additional features such as an IP address checker and DNS leak protection. They also offer excellent privacy protections too. ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands where local laws mean that they are able to retain absolutely no user data whatsoever.

ExpressVPN also offers one of the biggest server networks around. There are currently more than 1,500 servers available in 94 different countries, including a sizable number in Canada. There are no bandwidth restrictions for any customers either. And with dedicated apps available for almost every device you can think of, ExpressVPN lets you stream Global TV on any device anywhere. The ExpressVPN package delivers a superb all-around service and, while their prices are a little higher than some rivals, they are undoubtedly the best VPN for online streaming available at the moment.

You can read our full ExpressVPN review here.

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2. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most cost-effective VPN providers on the market right now, thanks in no small part to their new three-year subscription deal. But despite their low prices, NordVPN still offers one of the best all-round VPNs services. Their server network is now made up primarily of super-fast servers which means that their connection speeds are among the quickest around. The network is a big one too, with 1,779 servers available across 61 countries globally, including plenty in Canada.

NordVPN’s security provisions are also robust, with 256-bit encryption offered on OpenVPN connections as standard and a hugely impressive range of additional features too. In addition to fairly standard features such as a kill switch and shared IP Addresses offered as standard, NordVPN also offer a double VPN server option, which reroutes your internet data through two servers for extra protection and Onion over VPN servers, which pushes your traffic through the TOR Network and a VPN, for extra security. They have no data restrictions and also offer apps available for just about every device. It is hard to find another provider which offers so much for such a low fee.

You can read our full NordVPN review here.

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3. CyberGhost

If you are new to VPNs and a little worried about using one, or just want to keep things as simple as possible, CyberGhost is one provider worth taking a look at. They combine a great all-round service and reasonable prices with one of the most user-friendly VPNs around.  CyberGhost offers beautifully designed apps for almost all devices which require absolutely no configuration or technical knowledge. They are just really easy to use. Simply click on the option for “Unblock Streaming†and then choose a server in Canada. CyberGhost will do the rest automatically and when you visit the Global TV site or app, you should have no trouble streaming any of their shows.

This simplicity is not delivered through compromising any other areas of their service. CyberGhost still offers strong security and privacy protections including 256-bit encryption and a dependable no logging policy. Their server network is another big one too with 1,300 servers across almost 60 countries including a number in Canada.

You can read our full CyberGhost review here.

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What is Global TV?

Global TV is the second-largest private broadcast network in Canada, after CTV. It owns and operates no fewer than twelve different channels and is also sometimes known by its full name of Global Television Network or even just Global. Global broadcast a wide range of content across most of their channels, with just one, Global News, being dedicated to a single genre.

In recent times, Global has faced criticism for a lack of Canadian content on its channels. Even those shows that it was producing tended to avoid overtly Canadian themes, with critics saying this was because Global was more intent on selling them to the US market than attracting Canadian audiences. But despite these criticisms, the mix of international (primarily American) content and Canadian version of popular international shows such as The Apprentice having drawn big audiences. They also now operate a dedicated HD channel which broadcasts many of their most popular shows, from both Canada and overseas, in High Definition.

What can I watch on Global TV?

The Global TV Network operates a range of local channels in cities and provinces right across Canada. This makes up the bulk of their channels, alongside the national Global News service and other sister stations such as the Food Network, Showcase, HGTV, History, and the DIY Network. Across these channels, you can access a wide range of content, but the main focus is on entertainment output, primarily comedy and drama. Many of the shows are imported from the USA, but Global does also produce its own shows too. Amongst the popular recent original programming to go out on the Global network are drama series like Private Eyes, Ransom, and Mary Kills People, reality shows such as Big Brother Canada and Canada’s Walk of Fame, and the hugely popular Entertainment Tonight Canada show.

Aside from entertainment, Global TV also shows news broadcasts and regular current affairs and discussion shows, a number of Talk Shows (primarily from the USA), soap operas, reality TV shows, and game shows. They do show some sport, including holding the rights to NFL coverage in Canada, and also broadcast some very popular kid’s TV shows too. There are a number of long-standing shows available on Global TV which Canadian’s have been watching for many years. Though these, Global TV has become part of the Canadian fabric, which is why many ex-pat Canadian’s are so keen to be able to access their content when they are out of the country.

What devices can I stream Global TV on?


Global TV’s content is broadcast on a number of regional channels across Canada. These channels are also available on most satellite and cable TV packages too. If you want to stream Global TV content online, you can do so in Canada through their online streaming service which can be found at Their range of apps, which are branded as Global Go, are also available for all Android and iOS devices from Canadian app stores and can be downloaded onto various Smart TVs and other devices too.

Of course, if you are not in Canada, you will find that none of these services will work without connecting to a VPN first. As we have explained, this is because Global TV blocks all access to its content to users outside Canada. But, by signing up with one of our recommended VPNs above and following our simple guide, you can enjoy all of your favorite Global TV shows no matter where in the world you are.


Global TV is one of Canada’s most popular TV Networks. It broadcasts many of Canada’s most popular shows and one of the country’s most popular news channels, as well as plenty of popular content from the USA and beyond. Unfortunately for Canadian ex-pats and fans of Canadian culture, Global TV is not available outside Canada. But if you use a VPN, it is possible to circumvent these restrictions and enjoy Global TVs online streams no matter where in the world you are. And in this article, we have told you everything you need to know to do it.

Are you a Canadian expat or a fan of Canadian TV and culture? Have you been frustrated in your efforts to watch Global TV abroad? How helpful have you found this guide? Which of our recommended VPNs did you decide to use? How did you find the results? Did you encounter any issues, or do you have any suggestions and tips you have for our other readers? We always welcome the thoughts and opinions of all our readers, so why not share them with us using the comment box below?

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