How To Use A Custom Color For Table Borders In Microsoft Word [Guide]

Microsoft Word has color themes. A color theme in Word means that everything from headings, to tables and graphs will use the same set of colors. They’re set automatically so that you only have to select the theme and the colors will be applied to the various elements of the document when you add them. The color themes are great but they may not be great for every element or you might need to use a different color for a particular element that isn’t part of the theme. If you need to use a custom color for table borders in Word, you can.

Color For Table Borders

Open Microsoft Word and insert a table. It’s a good idea to add data to the table before you customize the colors. That way, you will be able to see if the color looks good or not.

Once you’ve edited the table as much as you need to, click anywhere inside it so that the table editing tabs will appear on the ribbon. Go to the Design tab, and click the Pen Color tool. The usual color window will open showing you the different shades and colors in the current color scheme.

Click the More Colors option.

A new window will open with more colors but they will still be limited. This window has two tabs; Standard, and Custom. Go to the Custom tab and select a different color from the full color spectrum tool. You can use the RGB fields to set a specific color if you have its RGB value.

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Once you have the color, click Ok. This will set the color for the Pen tool. The Pen tool allows you to manually draw borders. Click the cell border you want to color and it will change to the color you selected. To apply the border faster, use the Borders button. This will allow you to color entire cell borders instead of doing one side at a time.

You can do the same for the Shading color. If you want a thicker or thinner border, use the line weight options above the pen color tool.

The color you select will appear in Recent colors. It is tedious applying borders this way and you have to repeat it for each table that you insert. There is no quick way to apply table styles to multiple tables like there is for applying text styles and formatting.

You can do this every color element in a Microsoft Word document but applying custom colors this way will always take longer.

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