How To Unlock Windows 10 With A Fingerprint Scanner On An Android Phone [Guide]

Windows 10 supports unlocking your desktop by scanning a fingerprint. You must have a fingerprint reader installed though and it’s dedicated hardware. Some laptops come with a fingerprint scanner but most do not. You can buy a fingerprint scanner and connect it to your desktop or laptop. If you have an Android device with a fingerprint scanner, you can use it to unlock Windows 10. You will of course need third-party apps to do this since something needs to connect your phone and Windows 10.

Unlock Windows 10 With Fingerprint Scanner

In order to unlock Windows 10 with the fingerprint scanner on your Android Phone, make sure you’ve configured fingerprint unlock on your Android device. Next, you need to install the following two apps;

Both your Android phone and your Windows 10 system must be on the same WiFi network.

Windows 10

On your desktop, you need only install the app and then lock your desktop. Make sure that you are on the lock screen and not on your desktop because you will need to connect your desktop to the Android app and it won’t connect unless your desktop is locked.

Android Phone

On your Android phone, install the app and tap the hamburger icon at the top right. From the navigation drawer, select Scan and the app will find your desktop.

Once the app finds your desktop, give it a name. Next, you need to connect the account you use on Windows 10 to your phone. With Windows 10, you use either a local account, or a Microsoft live account.

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If you’re using a local account, enter the name that you see on your lock screen, and then enter the password that you’ve set for it. If you use a PIN, you still need to enter your local account’s password.

If you’re using a Microsoft live account, enter the email ID that you use, and the password associated with it. Use the password even if you have a PIN set up.

Once you’ve added the account, make sure that you tap it to set it as the default account. Tap on the area indicated in the screenshot below to set the default account.

That’s all you need to do.

To unlock your desktop, open the Remote Fingerprint Unlock app, and select Unlock from the navigation drawer. Press your finger to the fingerprint scanner and it will unlock your desktop.

This app has been developed by XDA member Andrew-X. It contains ads but they can be removed by purchasing the Pro version. The pro version also lets you add multiple accounts and PCs.

You can also use wearables to unlock Windows 10 provided you have an app that can configure the device as a connected device on Windows 10.

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