How To Translate Subtitles On Netflix [Chrome] [Guide]

If you’re learning to speak a new language, it’s a good idea to watch a movie or TV show with subtitles in that language. Netflix has subtitles but in limited languages. SUFLI is a Chrome extension that can translate subtitles on Netflix. The extension doesn’t translate them live. Your usual subtitles will not be accompanied by subtitles in the language of your choice. Instead, SUFLI can translate any word in a subtitle if you click on it.

Translate Subtitles

Install SUFLI and visit Netflix. Play anything you like, and make sure you have subtitles enabled. Look just below the seek bar and you will see a cog wheel button called SUFLI. Click it.

A language selector will appear. You can choose which language the extension should translate subtitles on Netflix to.

Once you’ve selected a language, start your Netflix binge. Whenever a word appears on the screen that you want to translate to the language you selected, click it. A pop-up will open showing you a Google Translate look-up of the word. In addition to using Google Translate, you can also look the word up on Urban dictionary, and on Glosbe.

As you can imagine, the richest database of translated words will come from Google Translate. Urban dictionary might fail you with most languages however, if you’re going for an English to English translation, it can help provide context. The other translation sources can be used from inside this pop-up i.e. you don’t have to switch to a different page to view a translation from Glosbe.

The extension also works if you’re watching in full screen mode. When you click a word to translate it, the video is paused immediately. This ensures that you don’t miss anything good while you read the translation. Once you dismiss the pop-up, the video will start playing again, automatically.


SUFLI isn’t going to give you a better viewing experience if you’re looking for subtitles in your native language and Netflix doesn’t have them. It’s at best a learning tool. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t support external subtitles so you cant download subtitles for a TV show/movie and use them when watching it.

SULFI provides word-to-word translation and not contextual translations so remember that when you learn new words. Google Translate is great but its one weakness is contextual translations so it is possible, though the chances are low, that the translation might be a bit off. SUFLI is only available for Chrome so if you prefer to watch Netflix on Edge in 1080p, or perhaps 4K, you’re going to have to compromise.

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