How To Stop Netflix Automatically Playing The Next Episode

People watch Netflix on different devices; TVs, Chromecasts, laptops and desktops, phones, and tablets. On some devices there is more than one way to watch e.g. on Windows 10, users can watch Netflix in any browser or they can use the official Netflix app. The only problem is that some Netflix features that can be modified on a desktop browser cannot be customized on an iPhone or an Android. If you’re annoyed with Netflix automatically playing the next episode in a series, you can disable it on literally every device you watch on. There’s an option in Netflix’s playback settings that lets you disable autoplay and it works across all devices.

You can stop Netflix automatically playing the next episode from your desktop. You can do it from your phone as well but it will redirect you to Netflix’s web interface which is where you will make the change. It will work just the same but you’re essentially still using the web interface to do it instead of the official Netflix app.

On your desktop, visit Netflix and sign in. This setting is made on a per-profile basis so make sure you’ve selected your own profile and not that of someone you share the account with. Once you’re on the Netflix Browse screen, click your profile icon at  the top right and select ‘Account’ from the dropdown.

Scroll down to the Profile section and select ‘Playback settings’.

The Playback Settings page lets you choose the default playback quality but it also lets you disable autoplay on Netflix. Uncheck the ‘Play next episode automatically’ option and click Save.

Netflix will still link you to the next episode however it will no longer automatically play it and you won’t see the countdown to when the next episode starts to play.

If you’re looking for a way to autoplay the next episode without the countdown, your options are limited. For example, if you watch Netflix in Chrome, you can install Flex Assist and it will get rid of the Netflix countdown. If you prefer to use a different browser then you’re going to have to look for an add-on or extension that does what Flex Assist does. Chrome and Firefox are the only two browsers that have a fairly large library of extensions and add-ons. Both Opera and Edge support add-ons but their libraries are modest and most are geared towards productivity instead of making binging on Netflix easier.

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