How To Skip The Intro For A TV Show On Netflix In Your Browser [Guide]

TV shows can have some truly enjoyable opening credits. Game of Thrones is one obvious example but the intro for the show is over a minute long. You have to wonder how many people would voluntarily sit through the whole thing if they were given the choice to skip it. The same can be said for any TV show. The intro is nice the first few times but after that, not so much. If you’re binging on Netflix, the intro to any show quickly becomes tiring. Meet Netflix Skipper; it can skip the intro for a TV show on Netflix provided you’re watching in your browser.

Netflix Skipper is available for both Firefox and Chrome. It’s an open source extension.

Skip TV Show Intro

Install Netflix Skipper and open Netflix. Select something to watch, and the extension takes care of the rest. You will briefly see a ‘Skip Intro’ or ‘Skip recap’ alert appear on the video player before the intro is skipped.

The extension works every time and the best thing is, it works for shows that have a standard intro at the beginning of the each episode and for TV shows that often have a cold open. We tried it out with both types of shows.

For a TV show with a standard opening credits scene at the start, we choose the criminally inaccurate Reign and the extension skipped the intro each time. For a show with a cold open, we went with the first episode of Sherlock. The extension allowed the first scene featuring Dr. Watson’s nightmare etc to play out and when the intro began, it skipped it entirely.

The extension doesn’t just skip the intro but also the recap for the previous episode which, again if you’re binging on Netflix, is something you don’t really need.

Microsoft Edge

This extension needs to be developed for Edge. It’s great at what it does but Edge is the only browser that can play Netflix in HD so it’s a shame that Netflix Skipper isn’t available for it. Granted, Edge isn’t exactly a popular browser at present and it makes sense that most developers just ignore it but this is a very specific case. The extension in question is for Netflix and Edge, as a browser, has an advantage over other browsers when it comes to this specific service.

We can’t exactly wish this were a feature in the Netflix app given how TV show intros are not something content makers want you to skip. This extension will have to do the trick instead.

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