How to scroll YouTube when watching videos in full screen [Guide]

You can watch YouTube videos in full screen mode. This particular mode has been a part of YouTube for a long time. It’s not new although lots of new viewing modes have been added to it over the years. There’s a neat theater mode, a mini player, and there’s the new picture-in-picture mode. If you prefer watching videos in full screen, you have to exit it in order to play videos, or like a video, etc. YouTube has now added a feature that lets you scroll YouTube when watching videos in full screen. It’s hard to spot and it appears to only work if you’re signed into YouTube.

Scroll YouTube in full screen

Visit YouTube and make sure you’re signed in to your Google account. You can try this without signing in but as far as our tests go, it doesn’t work when you’re signed out.

Select a video to play, and enter full screen mode. Make sure you use the controls on the video player to enter full screen mode. Don’t use the F11 key to enter full screen. Once you’re in full screen mode, look below the seek bar. If there’s an arrow below the seek bar, the scroll feature will work.

Scroll down via the mouse wheel or your touchpad and you will be able to scroll down. The suggested videos and comments section will appear below the video and the search bar will appear at the top. You can use the search bar to look for another video to watch.

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If you scroll back up, you will be able to continue watching the video in full screen mode. The video doesn’t pause when you scroll down however, it goes without saying that if you search for another video, the current video will stop playing.

This new feature appears to have been rolled out quietly. If you watch Youtube videos in full screen mode on your phone, you might have noticed this same arrow button at the bottom of the video. On the YouTube apps, this button reveals additional/suggested videos for you to watch. If users do notice the arrow on the desktop full screen version and relate it to the one on the YouTube apps, they are more likely to think that clicking it will reveal suggested videos.

For desktops, this feature might not be big news but if you have a tablet like the Surface tablet, watching YouTube in full screen mode will be a lot easier.

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