How To Save A Membership Or Store Card To Apple Wallet [Guide]

Apple Wallet is an amazing, underrated feature in iOS. It lets you save things like your boarding pass, coupons, concert tickets, and more to your phone. It basically takes all the paper/cardboard clutter from your wallet and digitizes it. There are limitations to the feature though; only supported cards can be added. At present, that leaves quite a few commonly used items out. Meet Create a Pass. It lets you save a membership or store card to Apple Wallet even if it isn’t supported. You will, in most cases, be able to use it at the issuing store. Remember that this is for unsupported cards. If you have a card that supports Apple Wallet, you can scan and save it directly.

Save Card To Apple Wallet

Create a Pass supports generic items including events, coupons, ID cards, and more. It also supports specific cards like an AAA card and Blockbuster membership cards.

Select the type of card you want to add from the list of supported cards. If you have to use one of the generic templates, it will take a bit longer to add your card. There’s also a chance that an essential field is missing either from the card you’re trying to add or from the ones the app provides which is a limitation that can’t be avoided. Add the required fields and click Register at the end. You will see a screen with a card that you can add to Apple Wallet.

You can use Create A Pass on your desktop or in Safari on your iOS device. If you use it on your desktop, use the QR code to save the card to Apple Wallet. If you use it in Safari, tap ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ and it will automatically save the card to your wallet.


Apple Wallet is tied to Apple Pay which is only available in limited countries at present. Unless you live in one of those countries, you will not be able to use Apple Wallet which makes this app useless for you. Cards that don’t support Apple Wallet may not have all the information needed to add them to the service. This is something you simply can’t work around. The information is either there, or it isn’t. Finally, even if the information is all there, the card might not scan at the issuing store because again, it doesn’t officially support Apple Wallet.

These limitations don’t make Create A Pass useless. The app is great if it works for the items you want to add and there’s nothing lost checking to see if it does support a particular card type. We should caution you against using it for personal identification cards though because the information is a bit too sensitive to risk it like this.

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