How To Resize Photos In The Photos App On Windows 10 [Guide]

If you need to resize a photo on Windows 10, the Photos app has a neat little crop feature. The crop feature lets you freely crop an image i.e., cut a part out and keep the rest. The Photos app has just received an update that added 3D effects, and a new resize feature. The resize feature doesn’t cut anything out, it just shrinks the size of the photo and reduces it’s disk size. Here’s how you can resize photos in the Photos app.

Resize Photos On Windows 10

Open the Photos app and select the photo you want to resize. Click the more options button and you’ll see a Resize option in the menu.

This will open a little menu with three options for how you want to resize the image. The three options let you resize photos for a profile picture, for emails and messaging, and for viewing.

Based on the original disk size of the photo, it will tell you what size you can expect once the image has been resized.

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The resize options vary based on the original image and its dimensions. For example, if you have a particularly large photo, the larger resizing option cannot be selected. Likewise, if the photo is too small, you won’t see the resize option in the menu at all. This is because the image is too small to be resized and Photos can only resize the photos so that they’re smaller. It doesn’t upsize them.

The size reduction is based on the size of the original image but the small size hovers around 20%, the medium hovers between 50-60%, and the large size is somewhere around 70%.

During our tests, the Photos app took an image that is 2448 x 3264 and reduced it to 433 x 577 when the Small size was selected. For the medium size, it was reduced to 1224 x 1632, and the large size had the image reduced to 1732 x 2309.

While the new feature is useful it is terribly rigid. Users can’t freely choose how much they want to resize an image. The presets are specific to a certain use but if you need an image to be a certain size the app isn’t much use. You’ll still need other apps to freely resize an image so this is limited in every aspect.

Microsoft had an app called Picture and Fax viewer that was part of the Office suite a long time ago and it let users resize images with more flexibility.

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