How To Play Minecraft Bedrock Version Offline On Windows 10 [Guide]

Microsoft bought Minecraft a few years ago and has since released a UWP version of the app that’s referred to as the Bedrock version. This version has everything the Java version does and it integrates with Xbox live. When you install the game, it tells you to connect your Xbox account and you can’t play the game until you do. Each time you launch the game after that, it first signs you into Xbox and then loads the game. This is annoying at best. Minecraft can be played offline. It’s always had the option as far as the Java version is concerned. Here’s how you can play Minecraft Bedrock version offline.

Minecraft Bedrock Version Offline

Minecraft uses the Xbox app and your Xbox or Microsoft live account which means your problem isn’t so much with the Minecraft app and more with the Xbox app. The solution is to sign out of Xbox.

Open the Xbox app and click the cog wheel button in the column on the left to go to the app’s settings. On the Settings screen, click the sign out option under your account.

This sign out is good is as long as you do not open the Xbox app again. If you do, you will be signed back in before you can interact with it. You only need to sign in to Xbox once when you first launch the game. After that, it doesn’t matter if you’re signed into Xbox live or not.

Signing out will mean you can enter you game faster. Xbox sign in takes unusually long and you don’t need it if you play games on your local system. Unfortunately, you can’t enter server games if you aren’t signed into Xbox but that’s to be expected. You can always uninstalll the Xbox app but that only works if you don’t play on servers.

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The problem with Minecraft Bedrock is that you can’t turn off Xbox sign in. The Xbox app doesn’t have selective sign out for games but Minecraft could have remedied it by allowing users to disable the sign in option. Obviously, Microsoft wants to push its platform but with the Minecraft Bedrock version, it seems unnecessary. Users who own an Xbox and play Minecraft on it will use their Xbox accounts. Those who prefer to game on a PC might be doing to avoid everything to do with a console and this makes it harder to manage that.

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