How to output mic sound to speakers on Windows 10 [Guide]

If you have the right equipment, you can use your Windows 10 PC to record decent audio. What you may not know is you can use it to broadcast audio as well. You don’t need special hardware for it. Your built-in mic and speakers ought to do the trick unless you’re going for exceptionally good sound quality. Here’s how you can output mic sound to speakers on Windows 10.

Mic sound to speakers

You can do this for a mic/speaker combo device like the built-in mic and speakers or you can mix and match, and use your built-in mic with external speakers, wired or Bluetooth. The choice is yours.

Connect the devices you want to use to broadcast sound and then right-click the speaker icon in the system tray. From the context menu, select Sounds.

On the Sounds window that opens, go to the Playback devices tab. Here, select the speakers that you want to output sound to, and set them as default. To set the speakers as default, right-click them and select the Set as default device option.

Next, go to the Recording tab and select the mic you want to speak/broadcast from. Make sure that it is set as the default recording device before you proceed. The process for setting a default mic is the same as that for speakers; right-click it and select Set as default from the context menu.

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With the mic set as default, and selected in the list of Recording devices, click the Properties button at the bottom. On the Properties window for the mic, go to the Listen tab. Here, enable the Listen to this device option. Click Apply, and OK. Any and all sound picked up by your mic will be output to your speakers.

It goes without saying that you may experience some distortion or interference, especially if the mic and speakers are in close proximity to each other. Feedback from your mic may be picked up by your speakers and there won’t be any filtering out the background noise. This is because you’re not using any app to transmit the audio. You’ve basically connected your mic to your speakers with nothing in between.

To improve the voice quality that’s picked up by your mic, and heard by your speakers, you can look for apps that are specifically built for recording/broadcasting audio. The built-in voice recording on Windows 10 will not do the trick. Not only is it basic, it also doesn’t do anything to improve sound.

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