How To Open The Control Center On iPhone X [Guide]

The control center, since it was introduced, has been redesigned three times. The first few changes were made so there was room for other controls to be added. In iOS 11, the design has been overhauled completely and you can finally customize the Control Center. Other than that, the feature, and how it’s called, has remained the same unless of course you own an iPhone X. The iPhone X doesn’t have a Home button but the Home button never played a part in opening the Control Center. On older iPhones, swiping up from the bottom would open the Control Center. On iPhone X, it doesn’t work that way. The iPhone X has new gestures that other iPhone models never had. Now that the Home button has been removed, a lot of the usual gestures have changed what they do to make up for the removed button. Case in point; you can no longer swipe up from the bottom to open the Control Center on iPhone X. The gesture to open it is a new one altogether.

Control Center On iPhone X

You may have noticed that the iPhone X has a new UI element that doesn’t appear on other iPhone models. They’re little bars called the status bar indicator and the home indicator. The status bar indicator appears on the lock screen, just below the right ‘ear’ of the iPhone X. These bars indicate action areas where gestures are recognized, among other things.

To open the Control Center on iPhone X, look at the right ear on your lock screen. You will notice the indicator just below the battery icon. Swipe down on it.

This will open the Control Center on iPhone X. You can do the same on your home screen; just swipe down from the right ear and the Control Center will open. Swipe Up to dismiss it.

Interfering With Apps

You still have the option to enable or disable the Control Center in apps. You might want to revisit that particular setting in the Settings app if you play a lot of games. On other iPhone models, a swipe up gesture might interfere if you’re playing a game like Temple Run so it is possible this new gesture interferes with other apps that you use. If so, you can disable it from appearing when you swipe down on the right ear when you have an app open. If you’re worried about this gesture interfering with the notifications shade, don’t be. The notifications shade opens when you swipe down from the center and not from the right ear.

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