How to install Endless OS [Guide]

Endless OS is a powerful, Debian-based operating system that promises to give users the ability to have a full-featured computing experience even when they don’t have an internet connection.

In this tutorial, we’re going to go over how you can create your own Endless OS PC. Let’s get started!

Download Endless OS

To get a copy of Endless OS, you’ll need to go to their official website. Once you’ve made it to the site, look for the “Download Endless OS for Free” button and click it to go to the download page.

On the download page, you’re required to select what OS you’re getting the ISO from. Trying to get your hands on Endless OS from a Windows PC? Click the “From Windows” tab on the page. For Linux, click the “From Linux or Mac” tab.

Note: if you are using Windows/Mac to set up Endless OS, follow the instructions on the page to create an ISO image, then skip to the “Installing Endless OS” section of this post.

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Assuming you are on Linux, locate the “Download from Linux/Mac” button and click it. Clicking this will reveal a drop-down menu with various releases of Endless OS. Select your release and start the download by selecting “Get ISO” torrent.

Note: downloading Endless OS requires a torrent client. Most Linux distributions come with one by default. However, if you do not have one installed, click here.

When the download is complete, get out a blank DVD, or USB flash drive put it in the computer you plan to install the OS on and move on to the next section of the guide!

Creating the Endless OS bootable USB

Most computers these days do not have a DVD drive and require installation from USB. Follow along with the steps below to get an Endless OS USB stick set up.

Step 1: The easiest way to burn an ISO image to a USB stick on Linux (as well as Mac and Windows for that matter) is to use the Etcher application. Head over to and download the latest release.

Step 2: Open up the file manager on your Linux PC and click on the “Downloads” folder. Once inside the download folder, locate the Etcher ZIP archive, right click on it and select the “extract” option.

Step 3: Find the folder that Etcher extracted to, double-click on it and then double-click on the AppImage file in the folder to start up the program.

Step 4: Click “select image” to add the Endless OS ISO file to Etcher. Then, select your USB with the “select drive” button.

Step 5: Click “Flash” to start the burning process. When the process is complete, insert the flash drive into the computer you plan to install Endless OS on and configure it to load from the USB.

Install Endless OS

When you load up Endless OS, you’ll see a language selection screen. Go through the menu and select the language you speak, then click “Next” to continue to the next page.

Following the language page, you’ll see a page that asks if you’d like to test out the OS or install it. Select the “Reformat this computer with Endless OS” option.

The Endless installation tool will ask you “Is this the Endless OS version you’d like to use?” Select the “Next” button to confirm that it is.

After selecting your version of Endless OS in the menu, you’ll be asked to configure the hard drive for the OS to install to. Using the drop-down list, choose the hard drive you wish to set up Endless on. When done, click “Next” to move to the next page.

With the drive selected, the Endless OS installer will start to format and set up the partitions on your hard drive. Sit back and be patient.

When Endless finishes the formatting process, you’ll see a message that tells you to power off your computer. Follow the instructions and do so.

Setting up Endless OS

The first thing you’ll see when you turn on Endless is a welcome screen. This welcome screen will help you configure and finish the setup process of Endless OS.

On the welcome screen, you’ll once again see a language selection menu. Choose the one you speak, then click “Next.”

After the language page, you’ll see the keyboard selection menu. Allow it to select your layout automatically, then click “Next” to move on through the post-installer.

Following keyboard layouts, you are prompted to agree to the terms of use for Endless OS. Click “Accept and continue” to agree and move on to the next step.

Once you’ve gotten past the “terms of use” page, you’ll see an “online accounts” page that lets you connect your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft account, etc., to the OS. Fill them out, then move on to the next page.

Note: online accounts are optional. If you do not want to add any, click “skip.”

After the “Online Accounts” page, you’ll be taken to the user setup area. Fill out your name, and select the “Password Protected” slider if you wish to add a password. Then, click “Next.”

With your user set up, the post-installation is done! Click the “Start using Endless” button to use your new Endless OS PC!

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