How to hide settings from the Settings app on Windows 10 [Guide]

The Settings app on Windows 10 is nowhere near as capable as the Control Panel app. Most of the settings in this app are tame; you can add Bluetooth devices, manage apps and delete UWP ones, add user accounts, and change your product key, among other things. The Control Panel lets you do more and when Windows 10 was first released, most users turned to it instead of using the Settings app. The Settings app is more mature now, and it’s used more often. If you find you need to disable or at the very least hide settings from the Settings app, you can do so with an app called Win10 Settings Blocker.

Hide settings from the Settings app

Download and run Win10 Settings Blocker. The app can do two things; hide settings and disable them. We don’t really recommend disabling settings because it might break something on Windows 10 but hiding a setting is pretty harmless.

With Win10 Settings Blocker open, open the dropdown and select what you want to do; hide or block settings pages. Since we’re looking to hide settings from the Settings app, select the 1: Hide Pages option.

This will open a second window with another dropdown. Open this dropdown and it will list every single page in the Settings app. Select the one you want to hide, and click Add to list. Repeat this for all the pages that you want to hide.

Pages are the tabs that you find inside a group of settings e.g., the Personalization group of settings has a Color tab and that tab is treated as a ‘Page’ by Win10 Settings Blocker.

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Once you’ve added all the pages you want to hide to the list, click the green check mark button at the top to save and apply the change. You can see in the screenshot below that the Colors tab has been hidden from the Personalization group of settings in the Settings app.

If at any time you want to restore a setting, whether you’ve hidden it or blocked it, simply run the app again, select the item you want to restore and click the red minus button on the app to remove it from the list. After you edit the list of pages, click the green check mark button to apply the change.

The app is making use of a feature that was added in Windows 10 1709 where a group policy allows users to hide settings from the Settings app. Not everyone is comfortable tinkering with the Group Policy editor and Home users do not have it so this app is a reasonably good alternative.

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