How to get Samsung Edge panels on any Android phone [No root] [Guide]

Samsung’s flagship phones come with a modified version of Android. Samsung installs a number of proprietary apps on these devices and it also modifies Android to add additional features that compliment the hardware it’s running on e.g., the Bixby button. One popular feature on Samsung phones is Panels. Panels are basically drawers you can open by tapping the edge of your screen on a supported Samsung device. It’s a quick way to access app, contacts, and quick tiles and settings, among other things. Here’s how you can get Samsung edge panels on any Android phone.

Get Samsung Edge panels

In order to get Samsung Edge panels on an Android phone, you need to install an app called Edge Actions. This is a free app that offers additional features for a nominal price of $5.

Download Edge Actions from the Google Play Store and run it on your phone. You can run this app alongside almost any other app launcher that you’ve installed. You need to first grant it permission to access your apps. Once you grant it the permissions it needs, you will see the panel added to the right side of your screen.

To activate the panel, simply tap the little tab that you see and it will reveal the panel. The panel has additional pages that give you access to apps, contacts, quick settings, your calendar, the calculator, and a few additional tools.

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You can change the order of the panels inside Edge Actions. To do that, open the app and tap Edge Manage. It will take you to a screen showing the various panels in the app. Drag & drop the panels to arrange them however you like.

Since this app is meant to work on all phones, and there are a lot of different phones with different screen sizes, you might need to adjust the thickness of the panel tab. To do that, open the app and tap the Handle Settings option. From there, you can change which side of the screen the panel appears on, its color, its width and height, and its transparency.

There’s also an Offset option that lets you position the tab as close to the edge of your screen as you want. It should automatically stick to the edge of your phone’s screen however, if it doesn’t detect the edge correctly, you can help it.

Edge Actions has ads and if you don’t want any of the other features that it offers via in-app purchases, you can pay a smaller amount to have the ads removed.

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