How To Get Notified When A Facebook Page Is Live [Guide]

When your Facebook friends go live, you get a notification. With pages that you’ve liked, it’s not the same. If you’ve liked a Facebook page, you won’t see all posts from it. Facebook still only shows you selective posts in order to prevent spam. You have to follow a page to get an alert for every bit of activity from a page. It will however always alert you when a Facebook page is live provided you’re on your desktop. If you rely on your phone to tell you when a Facebook page is live, you’re going to have to enable notifications for it. Here’s how.

Facebook Page Live Notifications

Open the Facebook app and go to a Facebook page. Tap the ‘Following’ button. Even if you are following the page in question, tap the Following button.

This will take you to the ‘Your Subscriptions’ screen for the page. Tap the Edit Notifications Settings option. On the Notifications screen, scroll down to the Live Videos section and select the ‘All Live Posts’ option. Once you do, you will get notifications on your phone when a Facebook page is live.

The default ‘Suggested’ option that is under Live Videos is a bit misleading. Since it’s under the Live Videos section, one assumes that you will be alerted when the page goes live at least once. The details under it say you will not get more than 3 notifications a day from the page but this doesn’t mean three notifications for live videos. It’s counting all activity from the page. What this essentially means that if a page has posted three times in the day already, you may or may not be notified when it goes live. Other factors, such as how much you interact with the page and which of its posts you like or share also matter.

Oddly enough, Facebook doesn’t make this distinction on its web interface. If you visit a Facebook page on your desktop browser, and click the ‘Following’ button, you won’t see as extensive a list of notifications that you can enable or disable. They’re either On or Off. If you’re following a page that means notifications are On and you will be alerted when the Facebook page is live.

The Facebook apps, both iOS and Android, are notorious for their battery drain so perhaps it’s saving a little battery life by conserving the notifications it pushes. It’s either that or the fact that no one want too many Facebook notifications lighting up their phone and Facebook doesn’t want you to disable notifications altogether.

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