How to Get an Australian IP Address from Any Country [Guide]

There are plenty of advantages to using an Australian IP address. If you’re an Aussie traveling abroad, having an IP from your home country gives you access to all the same live sports, TV shows, and movies as if you were sitting on your own couch. You can even watch Foxtel outside of Australia! There are several ways to get an Australian IP address from anywhere in the world, but the most reliable is by using a solid virtual private network service that offers network connections Down Under.

Using a VPN to Get an Australian IP Address

Whether you’re traveling away from home or just want to watch all your favorite sports and TV shows, using a reliable VPN is by far the best way to access an Australian IP address. They’re easy to use, safe, and provide a wealth of extras you can’t get any other way.

Benefits of Using a VPN

VPNs do more than just provide privacy and security. With the right service and strong encryption you can break through censorship barriers, unblock websites, access video streams from other regions, even defeat ISP throttling efforts on any device! Below are a few of our favorite benefits of using a VPN.

  • Better smartphone privacy – Every time you use your smartphone on public Wi-Fi, you put your data at risk. By running a VPN on your iOS or Android device, you can lock down your information so it stays secure, even if someone actively tries attacking your service.
  • Stop ISP throttling – ISPs commonly use throttling techniques to artificially slow down connections. If you find your connection suddenly lags, turning on your VPN may restore it to top speed.
  • Hide Kodi streams – Do you like using Kodi to stream movies on your device? It’s important to use a VPN every time you run the software, as a number of ISPs around the world love blocking Kodi connections by default.
  • Bypass censorship firewalls – Break through local and foreign censorship efforts by encrypting your data with a VPN.

Choosing the Best VPN

Selecting the right VPN takes a bit of research. We’ve narrowed the criteria down to a handful of features you simply can’t ignore when choosing a good VPN for Australian IP addresses. We used the very same criteria to make our VPN recommendations below, as well.

  • Logging policy – A VPN is only as good as its logging policy. Some services store detailed records of user activity, much like ISPs. To retain your privacy, always go for a company with a strict zero-logging policy.
  • Reputation – Reputation is key when researching reliable VPNs. The more positive reviews and uplifting testimonies the service has, the safer you’ll be.
  • Security – Strong privacy features like 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch are vital for solid online security.
  • Server network – To get an IP address from Australia, your VPN needs to offer servers inside the country.

Best VPNs for an Australian IP Address

Looking for the best VPN to use in Australia, or a service that offers fast and secure Australian IP addresses? Check out our recommendations below!

1 – ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN

ExpressVPN is a fast and secure VPN service that comes with all the features you need to stay safe online. The company runs a solid network of hundreds of servers covering 94 countries around the world, including four unique locations in Australia: Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. This ensures you’ll always be able to find a lag-free connection no matter where you live, work, or travel.

ExpressVPN delivers 256-bit AES encryption on all data to keep information secure, along with a remarkably thorough zero-logging policy on traffic, DNS requests, and IP addresses. Custom software for multiple platforms also ships with DNS leak protection and automatic kill switch features to keep your identity secure at all costs.

Want to know more about ExpressVPN’s fantastic features? Check out our full ExpressVPN review.

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2 – NordVPN – Strong Protection

NordVPN is one of the more impressive VPN services, largely thanks to its incredible server network. At the time of writing NordVPN offers over 3,300 servers in 59 different countries, with over 155 of those in Australia alone. This massive selection ensures you’ll always have a fast connection at hand when you’re in need of a solid and reliable Australian IP address. Many of NordVPN’s servers also offer features unique to the VPN scene, including dedicated P2P connections, double encryption, and onion over VPN routing.

NordVPN has a solid reputation as one of the most reliable services around. It provides great security features for all its users, too, starting with a thorough zero-logging policy that covers bandwidth, traffic, time stamps, and DNS access. This is in addition to automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection features along with 256-bit AES encryption on all data.

Learn more about NordVPN features in our full NordVPN review.

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3 – CyberGhost – Superb Security

CyberGhost blends the best aspects of speed and security into an incredible VPN service. It starts with a lightning-fast network of 1,200 servers across 60 countries–a list that includes 20 different servers in Australia alone (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane). Getting an Australian IP address is as easy as logging in and picking the right server, and with CyberGhost’s incredible reputation for lag-free service, you’ll never have a hard time finding a fast connection.

CyberGhost offers solid security for all users, as well: 256-bit AES encryption on all data, a zero-logging policy on traffic, time stamps, and IP address, and both DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch. This makes CyberGhost the perfect VPN to use for staying safe online, streaming movies, watching live TV, or just surfing the web, Australian IP address at hand.

Learn more about CyberGhost’s features in our thorough CyberGhost review.

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4 – IPVanish – Stellar Security

IPVanish knows what VPN users want most. The service delivers uncompromised speed and security around the world, starting with a large network of over 950 servers in 60 different countries, complete with tens of thousands of IP addresses! IPVanish runs two server locations in Melbourne, almost 60 in Sydney, and even has three in Auckland, New Zealand, just in case an Australian IP address isn’t exactly what you need. This gives you an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to choosing a fast server, and it all takes place with just a few clicks.

Software for IPVanish’s VPN service comes with DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch feature on every device, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Data is kept safe with 256-bit AES encryption and a strict zero-logging policy on traffic, providing complete security every time you log in. You’ll also have unhindered freedom to download and stream as you see fit thanks to IPVanish’s unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions policy on torrents and P2P networks.

Curious about IPVanish? Find out more in our complete IPVanish review.

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5 – PureVPN – Privacy and More

PureVPN offers some useful extra features that go above and beyond the standard VPN fare. At the top of the list is virus protection, with a robust scanning program built into the VPN software itself. You also get access to malware shields, app blocking, and DNS website filters, all without lifting a finger. PureVPN provides this entire security suite integrated into a single unified experience. No complicated setups required, just run the app and you’re safe.

PureVPN’s server network is over 750 nodes strong, covering 140 countries with over 25 in Australia alone, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Data that passes through the network is secured with 256-bit encryption and protected by a zero-logging policy on traffic. PureVPN also includes DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch in every version of its software.

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Keep Your VPN Running Fast

Speed is a very real issue when using an Australian IP address. Because the country is physically far away from most major cities in the world, lag becomes a serious problem, especially for HD movie streams and online gaming. To keep your VPN connection as snappy as possible, follow the tips below.

Start with a Reputable VPN

If you have a bad VPN service, you’re practically out of luck when it comes to speed boosts. While a lot of providers claim fast speed test results and strong security, many fail to back it up with real world results. Avoid VPN services that offer “too good to be true” prices or lifetime registrations, as they tend to be the biggest purveyors of false speed boasts.

Decrease Encryption Strength

Encryption can add a lot of overhead to internet connections, which is why VPNs tend to be slower than unsecured ISPs. Speeds generally drop anywhere from 20% to 50% depending on a variety of factors. One thing you can do to remedy this is to change the strength of the encryption. 256-bit AES is the standard, which gives a good balance between speed and security. However, in most cases you can drop down to 128-bit without significant risk to your privacy.

To change encryption strength settings, check your VPN’s configuration options. Note that not all services will offer this option.

Switch Servers

Sometimes server load can get out of hand. When it does, connection speeds will plummet in an instant. This is especially true during peak hours, such as on the weekends or when everyone gets home from school or work. In many cases you can avoid this issue by changing to a different server entirely.

Avoid Free VPNs and Proxy Services

Both free VPNs and low-cost or free proxies claim to be the easiest way to access Australian IP addresses. In reality, they are almost always the slowest, the least reliable, and the most dangerous companies you can send data through. If you’re using either of these services and have a poor connection, try switching to a different provider. You’ll likely see an instant, exponential improvement in download speeds.

How to Activate Your Australian IP Address

Once you’ve chosen a good VPN and signed up for service, you’re ready to gain access to your Australian IP address! Follow the steps below and you’ll be streaming local sports and movies in a matter of seconds.

Step 1 – Install the VPN Software

Each VPN provider offers custom software designed for a variety of devices. Once you sign up for service, look for download links for your operating system. In some cases you may be redirected to a marketplace so you can install the VPN’s secure app to an Android or iOS smartphone. Install the VPN software, then sign in using your credentials.

Step 2 – Choose a Server in Australia

Most VPN apps automatically connect to the fastest server available as soon as you launch the program. You can manually change this by opening the server browser located in the app’s main screen. Navigate the list until you see Australia, then choose a server inside the country. It generally doesn’t matter which one, but if a server is closer to your current location, try that one first.

Then, access the Australian server by clicking the VPN’s connect button. It will take a moment or two to resolve the connection, but once it does, you’ll have full access to the internet with an Aussie IP address ready to go.


Getting your hands on an Australian IP address isn’t as difficult as you might think. With the right VPN in play, you can start streaming content from the land down under in just a few minutes. Watch live sports, get your movie and TV show fix, or stream local channels to see what’s going on in the southern hemisphere. All it takes is a VPN and a minute of your time!

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