How To Get An Alert When A Command Prompt Command Is Complete On Windows 10 [Guide]

Some commands that you run in the Command Prompt take time to complete. The quick lookup utilities like ipconfig complete commands within seconds but other commands can and do take much longer to finish. If you often run such commands and have to wait for one to finish so you can enter the next one, you have to manually check to see if a command is complete. If you find that counterproductive, or you forget about the command running altogether, consider installing the Hey package and you can get an alert when Command Prompt command is complete.


In order to install the Hey package, you must have Node.js installed on your system. It’s pretty simple to install; visit the Node.js website and download the Windows installer. Run the EXE, and once it finishes installing, restart your system.

Next, download Hey from Github and extract the zipped folder. Open Command Prompt with administrative rights, and go to the folder you extracted the zipped file to via the cd command.


cd C:UsersfatiwDesktophey-master

Once in the folder, run the following command to install Hey.

npm install -g @adeneu/hey

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Now that Hey is installed, you can use it with a command and get an alert when a Command Prompt command is complete. To get the alert, add hey to the start of a command before you execute it. For example, if you want to run ipconfig/all, you will run it as follows;

hey ipconfig/all

When the command completes, and Command Prompt is not the active window on your screen, you will get a toast notification telling you ‘Your program is done’. ipconfig completes in seconds so Hey isn’t actually needed with it but for other commands, this package is pretty useful. Clicking the notification will not bring the Command Prompt window to the front. You have to switch to it manually.

This will work with most Command Line utilities though it doesn’t seem to work with Diskpart. It’s likely that there will be a few other utilities that it won’t work with either but we’re hoping they’re a small minority.

The notification is generic i.e., you will see the same message each time a command finishes. You will have to check what command it was you were running. If you have more than one Command Prompt window open, you will have to manually check which one a command completed in. You can use Hey with and without admin rights.

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