How To Get A Bus Or Train Stop Alert On Your iPhone [Guide]

People utilize a long commute in different ways; some read, some listen to podcasts, and others sleep through it. The only problem with sleeping through a particularly long commute is that you might miss your stop. Transitnap is a free iOS app that will send you a bus or train stop alert when it’s nearly time to get off the bus or train. You have to tell the app where it is you want to get off, and it will wake you with an alarm a little before it’s time to get off.

Bus Or Train Stop Alert

Install Transitnap and tell it where you want to get off. The app does not work with actual bus or train schedules. Instead, you pick the location you want to get to from a map. This has an obvious side-effect; trains and buses do not drop you off at the door of any establishment. You will have to find, and mark the exact place where the bus or train stops in order for you to walk the rest of the way to your destination.

Once you pick a location, the app will ask when you want to be notified that it’s time to get off the bus/train. It calculates when to alert you by distance because time can vary for public transit in most countries, except Japan. You select how far away you ought to be when the alarm goes off.

Transitnap can give you both an audio and a sound alert, and the alarm comes with a snooze button. We should mention that this app requires access to your location and for it to work when your phone is asleep, you will need to allow the app to always have access to your location. If it can’t access your location while it’s running in the background, it won’t be able to alert you when your stop is about to arrive.

Apps that access you location in the background drain your battery so if you don’t have a sufficiently charged phone, you shouldn’t use the app. You can enable a special alert for when your battery is low i.e., at 20% or 10% or if your signals drop/GPS is unavailable, and it will wake you up.

For Tourists

While Transitnap is great for napping on public transport, it’s also useful if you’re a tourist. It’s hard to navigate the roads of a country you’re not familiar with so this is a great tool that can help you remember where to get off.

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