How To Fix The Driver Required For This iPhone Is Not Installed On Windows 10 [Guide]

When you connect your iPhone to your PC, Windows Update will fetch and install the required drivers for it so that you can backup your phone to it. If Windows Update doesn’t install the driver, the desktop version of iTunes normally will. iTunes has a UWP version that Windows 10 users can use to backup their phones. The thing is, if you use the iTunes UWP app, you have to first uninstall the desktop version. When you first launch the UWP it takes care of this for you but in doing so, it also removes the driver for your iPhone which is why you get the “The Driver Required For This iPhone Is Not Installed” error.

This error might appear when you install the desktop version of iTunes but it’s far less likely. If you do happen to see this error when running the desktop version, this same fix should work.

Disconnect & Reconnect

Disconnect your iPhone from your PC. Connect it again. If iTunes opens, close it. Windows Update should search for and install the correct drivers. If it doesn’t, you need to force Windows to install the correct drivers. It’s not hard.

Manually Install iPhone Driver

Connect your iPhone to your PC. Open the Device Manager by typing Device Manager in the Windows search bar.

Expand the Portable Devices group of devices. Look for Apple iPhone and right-click it. Select ‘Update driver’ from the context menu. In the menu that pops up, select the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option. Allow Windows update to search for the driver and install it.

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Once the driver is installed, close Device Manager and open iTunes. This time, it ought to be able to detect your iPhone. The ‘The Driver Required For This iPhone Is Not Installed’ error should no longer appear.

If you still have trouble finding the right driver, make sure you haven’t set Windows 10 to not update drivers.

Windows update normally runs whenever you connect a new device to your PC. The desktop version of iTunes also installs and runs services that, whenever they detect a new iPhone model, will download the correct drivers. The UWP version of iTunes is more lightweight than the desktop version and that’s great but it seems to be missing the ability to get the right drivers for a device. Regardless, Windows Update can take of it and if it isn’t doing that automatically, you can force it to install the driver.

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