How To Fix No Mic In Apps After Spring Creators Update – Windows 10 [Guide]

Windows 10 updates always come with their own set of problems. The bigger the update, the more problems it has. Some are tame and some are a little more complicated. If you’ve successfully updated to the Spring Creators Update, and are now exploring the new features and discovering everything that broke during the update you might notice that apps are no longer detecting your mic. The no mic in apps problem isn’t a bug or anything. It’s to do with new privacy settings.

The Spring Creators Update, like all previous major updates has made changes to the Settings app. There are new privacy options one of which turns off mic access to apps. It’s kind of funny if you think about it, and if it hasn’t made you tear your hair out trying to figure out what’s wrong. In any case, the fix is simple.

Fix No Mic In Apps

Open the Settings app and go to Privacy. Select the Microphone tab and scroll down to enable mic access for apps. Once you turn it on, make sure the app you’re using has access to your mic.

The update reset mic permission and you don’t normally expect access to the mic to be reset after a major update. Normally, a Windows 10 update resets app defaults i.e. which apps can open which types of files so this is new and not a lot of users will check to see if a setting that they explicitly set for their apps has been reset.

The change has probably caught apps off guard too. Users who are experiencing this problem aren’t exactly getting an in-app alert that tells them the app doesn’t have access to the mic. The Skype app for example can detect the mic but there’s no sound coming through. This hardly signals to a problem with app or mic permissions and if you’re indeed experiencing the problem in Skype you’re far more likely to blame Skype for it than to think Windows 10 reset mic access for apps.

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While you’re enabling mic access for apps, you might want to check if other app permissions have been reset. If you use apps that need to have access to your camera (like Skype), or apps that need access to your location (like weather apps), you may want to check if Windows 10 has reset anything there.

We’ll be covering bugs and errors with the new update as they’re discovered.

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