How to fix mouse clicks not recognized on Windows 10 [Guide]

A mouse is a better device than a trackpad in certain use cases. The trackpad is a great device but you wouldn’t use it if you were, for example, playing a game. A mouse, whether it’s wired or wireless, can act up at times. If you’re noticing that your mouse clicks aren’t registering and you often have to click more than once for a click to be executed, there may be something wrong with your mouse, or your driver, or your OS. Here are a few things you can try to fix mouse clicks not recognized on Windows 10.

Isolate Problem

Your mouse problems might have to do with your mouse, or with your OS. You need to isolate which of the two it is and it may, or may not be easy. It all depends on whether you have access to a second Windows 10 system that is running the same version as your own system, and an extra mouse.

Connect your problematic mouse to the second system and use it for a while. If the problem persists, there’s a good chance that it’s your mouse that’s the problem. If the problem goes away, it’s your OS.

To be safe, you should also connect the second mouse to your own system and use it a while. If your problem goes away, it’s likely your mouse that needs attention.


Try the following fixes on your system.

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Change Battery

If you’re using a wireless mouse, you should try using a new battery with it. For good measure, do the same if you’re using a wireless keyboard. Often with wireless peripherals like a wireless mouse, changing the battery is something you should try whenever your device starts acting up.

Change Port

The previous fix applies only to a wireless mouse. This one works for both a wired and wireless mouse. Try changing the port your wired mouse is connected to or your wireless mouse’s dongle is connected to. Connect a different device to the same port and see if it works correctly. If it doesn’t, your port might be the problem.

If changing the port fixes problems with your mouse, then it’s your system that’s the problem. Specifically, it’s the ports.

Check Drivers

Mouse drivers rarely update however, that doesn’t mean that they never update. Check in Device Manager to see if the mouse driver has recently been updated. If it has, try rolling back to the older version. It might also help to uninstall and reinstall the driver again.

Check Mouse Settings

Open the Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound. Under Device and printers, click Mouse. This will open a new window with settings for your mouse. You want to visit both the Buttons and the Pointer Options tabs.

You can change the speed of the double clicks and speed up your pointer. Both might help improve your mouse’s performance.

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