How To Fix “Internet Error” On PUBG Mobile Apps [Guide]

Playerunknown’s Battleground is a game that was released, in beta, in 2017. It’s been incredibly successful despite the many bugs that plagued it during its beta period. It’s out of beta now, and it’s still going strong, so much so, that there are now mobile versions of the game that were released this month. Unlike the desktop version of the game, the mobile games aren’t in beta however, because we’re looking at early versions, there are bugs in the game. The Internet Error on PUBG bug is one that’s been plaguing both iOS and Android users. PUBG is an online game which means if you have an internet error, you can’t play or you get a lesser playing experience.

Basic Checks

The Internet Error on PUGB mobile apps basically means that you cannot connect to servers you need to connect to in order to play the game. Before you execute the fix make sure that;

  • Your internet connection is working, and it’s stable.
  • Your internet speed and ping are reasonably good to play a multiplayer online game.
  • You are not using your cellular network to play the game as this causes problems on Android devices and the bug may be appearing on iOS as well.

Change DNS

The Internet Error on PUGB mobile has to do with the DNS server that your ISP is using. For some reason, it has trouble connecting to game servers. The solution is to use a different DNS server. You can use Google DNS or Open DNS, both are free. Changing DNS on a mobile device is pretty straight forward.

Google DNS

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Open the Settings app and tap WiFi. Tap the WiFi network that you’re connected to. Scroll down where it says Configure DNS. On the Configure DNS screen, select Manual, and tap Add Sever. Enter the address for either Google DNS or OpenDNS.


These instructions apply to Android Oreo. Open the Setting apps and go to WiFi & Network. Tap the network you’re connected to. Next, tap and hold on the WiFi network name. Do not tap the lock icon next to it.

When you long tap on the connection, a menu appears. Select Modify Network. Enter the password for the network, and tap Advanced Options.

Scroll down the Advanced Options until you find the IP Settings field. Tap it and replace DHCP with Static. Next, scroll further down where you will see DNS 1 and DNS 2 options. Here, input the DNS server address that you want to use.

For good measure, restart your device and the Internet Error on PUBG should go away.

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