How To Fix ‘Check Your Wi-Fi Connection’ Error In Photos On Windows 10 [Guide]

The Photos app in Windows 10 lets you import photos from a folder or a USB device. Microsoft recently added a new import feature that allows you to transfer photos from your phone over WiFi. This feature works with companion apps that you need to install on your Android phone or iPhone. It’s still in beta so there are bound to be a few problems. The one recurring problem with the Photos and the Photos Companion app is that sometimes photos fail to transfer and you get the ‘Check Your Wi-Fi Connection’ error.

This error is hardly the result of a problem with WiFi. The error appears even when both the phone and the PC are connected to the same, stable WiFi connection. The error doesn’t provide any troubleshooting info other than to check your WiFi and that doesn’t help. Here are a few things you can try to fix the ‘Check Your Wi-Fi Connection’ error.

You can try restarting your WiFi router, and both your PC and phones before you try any of the other solutions below.

Quit Apps

On your desktop, close the Photos app and on your phone, close/exit/quit the Photos Companion app. Open both apps again and try to send photos. This is a basic fix, but it has a low success rate.

Send Fewer Pictures

If you’re trying to send, for example, ten pictures over WiFi, and you keep getting the ‘Check Your Wi-Fi Connection’ error, try sending the pictures in smaller batches. The Photos app and the Photos Companion app do not have a limit on how many photos can be sent but when this error begins to appear repeatedly, you should try breaking the photos down into smaller batches. Start by sending just one or two photos. Once they’re sent successfully, you can try sending more photos at once.

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Send The First Or Last Photo

If you’re sending ten photos and they keep failing to send, try sending the very first or the very last photo in the batch of photos you want to send. This seems to have a fairly high success rate.

Uninstall Companion App

If all else fails and the ‘Check Your Wi-Fi Connection’ error appears consistently and none of the above solutions work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Photos Companion app. If you find this is a feature you can’t live without, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Photos app on Windows 10.

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