How To Enable Or Disable Nudge In Gmail [Guide]

Another new Gmail feature has rolled out. Nudge in Gmail is now live for users on the new Gmail design. This feature reminds you to answer emails that have been in your inbox for a while, and to follow up on emails that you sent but never received an answer to. For some users, the feature is also live on the Gmail Android app. iOS users have yet to see it. Here’s how you can enable or disable Nudge in Gmail.

Nudge In Gmail Web

First, make sure you switch over to the new Gmail design. This feature cannot be enabled without it. Once you’ve done that, open Gmail and click the cog wheel button under your profile picture. From the menu, select Settings, and go to the General tab on the Settings page. Scroll down and you will see a section called ‘Nudges’.

There are two options that you can enable; suggest emails to reply to, and suggest emails to follow up on. You can enable either or both of them.

Nudge In Gmail – Android

You need to update the Gmail app to the latest version to enable or disable Nudge in Gmail for Android. Open the Gmail app, and tap the hamburger icon at the top left. In the navigation drawer that opens, scroll all the way down and tap settings. Tap your account (not General Settings). On your account settings screen, scroll down to the Nudge section, and tap it to select which nudge options you want to enable. The Android app offers the same options as the web interface.

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There is no ETA on when this feature will be available for iOS users. The nudge feature doesn’t offer much by way of configuration. For example, you cannot select how old an email should be before Gmail nudges you to reply to it or follow up on it. We’re assuming that Gmail is utilizing its algorithm, and also reading the email to figure out which emails need to be replied to and followed up on.

It’s highly unlikely that Gmail will nudge you to reply to newsletters or coupons or emails from Nigerian princes. Likewise, it’s unlikely that Gmail will tell you to reply to an email if the email thread has a particular date for a meeting or a deadline of any sort in the body. It’s going to be smart about it. That said, a few customization options wouldn’t be bad. If nothing else, the ability to blacklist a few emails might come in handy.

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