How To Download Any Windows 10 Build With Media Creation Tool [Guide]

Anytime a new feature update for Windows 10 is released, the Media Creation tool that allows you to download Windows 10 is updated. The new version of the Media Creation tool allows users to download the current, latest version of Windows 10. This means that if you want to download and older feature update, the Media Creation Tool on Microsoft’s website won’t be much help. The ISO for older versions do still exist and with a little BAT file, you can download any Windows 10 build with the Media Creation tool.

Download Any Windows 10 Build

This BAT file has been written by Reddit user aveyo. You can download it directly from its Pastebin link but we’re going to provide the script here in case the link stops working.

Open Notepad and paste the following in it. Save it with the BAT file extension.

@echo off &title MediaCreationTool.bat by AveYo :: Universal wrapper for all "RedStone" versions: 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803 and 1809 :: Using nothing but microsoft-hosted original files for the current and past Windows 10 MCT releases :: Ingenious full support for creating business channel (Enterprise) with custom language, x86, x64 or AIO!  :: Add / remove launch parameters below if needed - it is preset for least amount of issues when doing upgrades set "OPTIONS=/Telemetry Disable /DynamicUpdate Disable /MigrateDrivers all /ResizeRecoveryPartition disable /ShowOOBE none"  :: Uncomment to show live mct console log for debugging rem set "OPTIONS=%OPTIONS% /Console"  :: Uncomment to bypass gui dialog choice and hardcode the target version: 1=1607, 2=1703, 3=1709, 4=1803, 5=1809 rem set/a MCT_VERSION=5  :: Available MCT versions set versions= 1607 [ RedStone 1 ], 1703 [ RedStone 2 ], 1709 [ RedStone 3 ], 1803 [ RedStone 4 ], 1809 [ RedStone 5 ]  :: Show gui dialog %1:title %2:header %3:choices %4:output_variable if not defined MCT_VERSION call :choice "MediaCreationTool.bat by AveYo" "Choose Windows 10 Version" "%versions%" MCT_VERSION if not defined MCT_VERSION echo No MCT_VERSION selected, exiting.. & timeout /t 5 & exit/b goto version%MCT_VERSION%  :version1 1607 [RS1] set "V=1607" set "D=20170116" set "EULA=" set "EULA_FIX=" set "CAB=" set "MCT=" echo Version %V% %D% selected! goto process  :version2 1703 [RS2] set "V=1703" set "D=20170317" set "EULA=" set "EULA_FIX=" set "CAB=" set "MCT=" :: 1703 MCT is also bugged so use 1607 instead set "MCT=" echo Version %V% %D% selected! goto process  :version3 1709 [RS3] set "V=1709" set "D=20180105" set "EULA=" set "CAB=" set "MCT=" echo Version %V% %D% selected! goto process  :version4 1803 [RS4] set "V=1803" set "D=20180420" set "EULA=" set "CAB=" set "MCT=" echo Version %V% %D% selected! goto process  :version5 1809 [RS5] set "V=1809" set "D=20180924" set "EULA=" set "CAB=" set "MCT=" echo Version %V% %D% selected! goto process  :process echo. echo Notice: MCT depends on BITS service! If any issues, run script as Admin.. bitsadmin.exe /reset /allusers 2>nul net stop bits /y 2>nul net start bits /y 2>nul  :: cleanup - can include temporary files too but it's not advised since you can't resume via C:$Windows.~WSSourcessetuphost pushd "%~dp0" del /f /q products.* 2>nul &rem rd /s/q C:$Windows.~WS 2>nul & rd /s/q C:$WINDOWS.~BT 2>nul :: download MCT set "WEBCLIENT=[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol='tls12,tls11,tls';(new-object System.Net.WebClient)" if not exist MediaCreationTool%V%.exe powershell -noprofile -c "%WEBCLIENT%.DownloadFile('%MCT%','MediaCreationTool%V%.exe');" if not exist MediaCreationTool%V%.exe color 0c & echo Error! missing MediaCreationTool%V%.exe & pause & exit /b :: download CAB if not exist powershell -noprofile -c "%WEBCLIENT%.DownloadFile('%CAB%','');" if not exist color 0c & echo Error! missing & pause & exit /b :: unpack CAB expand.exe -R -F:* . >nul 2>nul if not exist products.xml color 0c & echo Error! bad or missing & pause & exit /b :: patch XML to allow selecting business channel editions (Enterprise) and a minor cosmetic fix set "READ_XML=$f=[System.IO.File]::ReadAllText('products.xml')" set "WRITE_XML=[System.IO.File]::WriteAllText('products.xml', $f)" set "r1= $f=$f.Replace('IsRetailOnly>True<','IsRetailOnly>False<')" set "r2=.Replace('%%ENTERPRISE','Windows 10 Enterprise')" :: fix old EULA links breaking MCT in 1607 and 1703 if not defined EULA (set "r3=") else set "r3=.Replace('%EULA%','%EULA_FIX%')" powershell -c "%READ_XML%; %r1%%r2%%r3%; %WRITE_XML%;" :: repack XML into CAB start "" /wait makecab products.xml :: finally launch MCT with local configuration and optional launch options start "" MediaCreationTool%V%.exe /Selfhost %OPTIONS% exit/b  :: utilities ::------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ :choice %1:title %2:header %3:choices %4:output_variable [GUI radioboxes dialog snippet by AveYo] released under MIT License setlocal &set "parameters=$title='%~1'; $header='%~2'; $choices='%~3'; $global:c='';" set "s1=[void][System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName('System.Windows.Forms');$f=New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form" set "s2=;$f.Text=$title; $f.Forecolor='Snow'; $f.BackColor=0xff180052; $f.StartPosition='CenterScreen'; $f.AutoSize=$true;" set "s3=$g=New-Object System.Windows.Forms.GroupBox; $g.Location='40,10'; $g.Margin='0,0,40,0'; $g.MinimumSize='280,100';" set "s4=$g.AutoSize=$true; $g.text=$header; $f.Controls.Add($g);" set "s5=$i=1; foreach($l in $choices.split(',')){ $r=New-Object System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton; $r.Location='20,'+(30*$i);" set "s6=$r.Name=$i;$r.Text=$l;$r.AutoSize=$true;$r.add_Click({$global:c=$this.Name}); $g.Controls.Add($r); $r.Checked=1; $i++};" set "s7=$j=1;foreach($t in @('OK','Exit')){$b=New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button;$b.Location=''+(120*($j-1)+80)+','+40*$i;" set "s8=$b.Name='b'+$j; $b.Text=$t; $b.DialogResult=$j; if ($j -eq 1){$f.AcceptButton=$b}; $f.Controls.Add($b); $j++};" set "s9=$f.Add_Shown({$f.Activate()}); $ret=$f.ShowDialog(); if ($ret -eq 2){$global:c=''}; write-host $global:c" for /l %%# in (1,1,9) do call set "ps_Choice=%%ps_Choice%%%%s%%#:"="%%" for /f "usebackq tokens=* delims=" %%# in (`powershell -noprofile -c "%parameters% %ps_Choice%"`) do set "output_var=%%#" endlocal & set "%~4=%output_var%" & exit/b ::------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Run this BAT file with admin rights. You will see a Command Prompt window open, followed by another window asking you which Windows 10 update you want to download. You can download final Redstone builds 1 – 5.

Once you select the build number, it will download the Media Creation tool to the same location you saved the BAT file to. You can now run the tool and use it to download the Windows 10 build you selected. The tool will let you update the current installation, or create a bootable USB.

‘); if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf(“Mac”)!=-1) document.write(”);

All files are downloaded from Microsoft. This BAT file only helps you find the right file, and initiate the download. It is not providing the files nor is it modifying the ones that Microsoft has made available.

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