How to disable show desktop hot corner on Windows 10 [Guide]

The bottom right corner of your screen on Windows 10 is a hot corner. It cannot be customized and if you look closely at it, you will see the smallest little line drawn between the hot corner and the rest of the task bar. This little area, when clicked, minimizes everything on your screen and shows you your desktop. For a lot of people, this is a really useful feature. For some it’s annoying and out-of-the-box, there’s no way to turn it off. If you find it useless, you can disable the show desktop hot corner with an app called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Disable show desktop

Download and install 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. It has an installable version, and a portable version. Choose whichever one it is you want to use, and run it. The app offers a whole host of different things you can tweak. To disable show desktop, enable the ‘Hide the Show desktop’ button option in the Other section at the bottom right.

Close the app after the option has been enabled and the Show desktop button will be hidden. You will no longer accidentally click on it and minimize everything.

If you want to keep the Show desktop button but disable the ‘peak’ feature, you can. Peak is where, when you hover the mouse cursor over the show desktop button, it shows you your desktop. When you move the cursor away, your windows return to their original views.

To disable Peak, open the Settings app and go to the Personalization group of settings. Go to the Taskbar tab, and turn off the ‘Use Peak to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show Desktop button at the end of the taskbar’ switch.

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This will disable Peak but you will still be able to see and use the Show Desktop button.

The Show Desktop button isn’t bad; it’s the quickest way to hide every single window that you have open in a hurry. It would help if the button’s location were customizeable because often, users end up clicking it when they mean to click on the action center or time/date to view the calendar.

If you choose to disable Show desktop, you can still minimize everything on your screen and go to your desktop with the Win+D keyboard shortcut. Show desktop is a feature that has been a part of Windows since before Windows 7 and it was far more useful there with the Aero theme that Windows 7 had. With Windows 10, users may not like it as much and might prefer the keyboard shortcut over it. You can also mimic Show desktop via a four finger swipe down touchpad gesture on Windows 10.

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