How to disable security questions on Windows 10 [Guide]

Losing the password to your desktop system is never good. With desktop systems, it’s important that a password isn’t easy to reset. This is great if you want to keep your system secure, but not so great if you’ve forgotten your password. To get around this, Windows 10 allows users to set security questions for recovering a forgotten password for local accounts. This may not be the greatest or the safest way to recover your password. If you want to disable security questions on Windows 10, you can.

This trick was covered by Lifehacker and it uses a simple PowerShell script to get the job done.

Disable security questions

Download the PS1 file from this Github repository. Save it to a separate folder. Don’t just leave it on your desktop or in your Downloads folder.

After you download the file, open PowerShell with admin rights. Use the CD command to move to the folder that you downloaded the PowerShell file to.

Once you’re in the folder, run the following command to disable security questions.


‘); if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf(“Mac”)!=-1) document.write(”);

This script can run with one parameter; -answer. The syntax is as follows;

Update-AllUsersQA -answer SecretAnswer

You will need to replace SecretAnswer with an answer of your own choice and that will set the same answer for all questions.

If you need to enable security questions again, the script doesn’t give you a direct way to do it. The first command listed above will disable the feature and any time you try and set a security questions, you will get a message telling you that the feature has been disabled. To enable it again, run the command with the -answer parameter. Use it to set the same answer to all questions and then go to the Settings app to change the answer to the questions. You can change the security questions from Account>Sign in options. Click the Change button under password and you will get an option to change the answer to your security questions.

This will not work for user accounts connected to your Microsoft account. The security questions are only available for local users since they have no other way to recover a forgotten password. Users who have forgotten their Microsoft account password can reset it from the Microsoft website using either their phone number or their email to recover it.

Be warned that if you disable security questions on Windows 10 and later forget your password, you will make it harder on yourself to get back into your system.

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