How To Create Multiple Profiles In Firefox [Guide]

You can create multiple profiles in Firefox, much like you can in Chrome. The profile lets you run somewhat separate instances of the browser but it’s not quite like Chrome’s profiles that can run multiple instances of the browser. With Firefox, all profiles that you create still sync with the same Firefox account that you’ve connected, and you get the same add-ons installed across all of them. That said, Firefox’s profiles can still be useful to keep work and personal browsing separate. Here’s how you can create multiple profiles in Firefox.

Multiple Profiles In Firefox

Open Firefox, paste the following in the location bar, and tap Enter.


On the page that opens, click the Create a New Profile button at the top.

Another window will open. Click Next on it, and then enter a name for the profile. This name isn’t going to be displayed anywhere inside the browser however, it will create a dedicated folder where your profile’s settings will be saved. You can change where this folder is created but it’s a good idea to stick to the default location.

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Click Finish and the profile will appear on the Profile page. As mentioned before, Firefox’s multiple profile support isn’t as good as Chrome’s. This means that switching between different profiles isn’t as easy. You have to do it from the Profiles page. You can change which profile Firefox opens by default by setting a different one as the default profile.

You can use an add-on called Profile Indicator and it will indicate in the Title Bar which profile you’re currently running. It’s easy enough to set up though it too doesn’t offer up a simpler way to switch between profiles.

It goes without saying that multiple profiles in Firefox are beyond underwhelming. There isn’t much that’s kept separate between profiles except, perhaps your browsing history and cookies.

There aren’t too many add-ons that make managing these profiles easier. In fact, there are probably add-ons that can create and allow you to run different instances of Firefox. You might have to search around for the right add-on and it too might not do everything you need it to. There’s little that can bring Firefox up to par with Chrome in this regard and it doesn’t seem like Mozilla is going to be adding it any time soon.

Firefox has just undergone a major design overhaul and there is nothing to indicate that any attempt whatsoever was made to improve this particular aspect of the browser.

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