How to create a hide slides preset in PowerPoint [Guide]

You can hide slides from a presentation in PowerPoint. Once hidden, the slides will still be a part of the presentation but they will not appear in ‘Slideshow’ mode. To hide a slide, you have to right-click it, and select the ‘Hide’ option from the context menu. You can select multiple slides, and hide them all in one go. If, however, you’re constantly updating the presentation, and the slide numbers are changing, you can use a little hack with the slide notes and create a hide slides preset. The preset will allow you to automatically select the slides you need to hide taking a good deal of work out of it.

You won’t need to use a macro for this so if you’re averse to using them, don’t worry about it. You will still be using the Hide option in the context menu to hide slides.

Hide slides preset

Before you start, think of a phrase that you’re highly unlikely to use in your presentation. Add characters like exclamation marks or brackets to the phrase. We’re using the phrase !!hide me!!.

Open the presentation, and click the Notes button at the very bottom. When the notes panel opens, enter your phrase in it. If you have notes added for the slide, add the phrase at the very end.

Add this same note to all the slides that you want to hide. This will mark the slides for hiding. Once you’re done, go to the Slide sorter view by clicking the grid icon at the very bottom of the PowerPoint window.

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On the Slide Sorter view, use the Find and Replace button and search for your phrase. Doing so will select all the slides in the presentation that you added the phrase to. Once the slides are selected, right-click any one of them and select the ‘Hide’ option from the context menu.

You can hide and unhide the slides any time you want. If you need to hide slides in different combinations, you can create different phrases for the set of slides that you need to hide. You don’t have to worry about adding new slides and forgetting which slide number you have to hide.

The only thing you need to be careful about is the phrase that you use. Remember the phrase that you’ve set for different slides to hide, and you need to make sure that it’s a phrase that will never appear in your slides because the Find and Replace function scans them as well when you run it.

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