How To Check When A Title Is Leaving Netflix [Guide]

All good things come to an end and movies and TV titles on Netflix expire. New movies and TV Shows arrive on Netflix almost every week, and likewise, almost every week the streaming service retires some of its content. These titles may, or may not be added back later. There’s no guarantee of that so you do generally want to finish watching something while it’s still available. The question of course is, how can an end user check when a title is leaving Netflix.

Netflix Alert

If a title is leaving Netflix, the service will tell you itself if you’re in the middle of watching it. You will get a notification if the expiry is 30 days, or less away. This notification will appear a few seconds after you play it. On you can also check the Details page of a title to see if it is leaving soon.

US users can also set their My List to manual sorting and get the expiry time estimates for their titles.

Online Resources

If you need to find which titles are leaving Netflix, you can Google the information. Many websites, such as Lifehacker, give you a weekly list of what’s coming and going on Netflix. The lists are, admittedly, aimed at US audiences i.e., the titles that are leaving (and arriving) are those available in the US. This isn’t much use to users unless they use a VPN for Netflix to access US content.

It is far easier to find new titles on Netflix for various countries than it is to find expiration dates. This has to do with two factors; outside the US, new titles aren’t added as frequently and likewise they don’t expire as often. There’s also the fact that Netflix renews titles. In fact, the company might be able to renew a title before it officially expires and if it were to publish a tentative expiration date for a title, it would be criticized for pushing users to view content for fear of missing.

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You might be able to find websites that give you a list of expiring titles for select countries but you’d be hard put to find them for every single country that Netflix supports. This, along with the immediate availability of entire series at a time, is the reason people tend to binge on TV shows on Netflix.

If you’re wondering how websites that publish these lists determine when a title is leaving, they are often registered as media members and have access to additional content and information for titles on Netflix.

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