How to check if Intel display drivers are blocking Windows 10 1809 update [Guide]

The number of things that can, and have gone wrong with a Windows 10 update is just amazing. The latest problem comes not from Microsoft but from Intel. Intel’s graphics cards are widely used by a large number of PC and laptop manufacturers and it seems that Intel has released a driver update which breaks something in Windows 10 1809. As a result, Microsoft is blocking Windows 10 1809 on systems that are running the problematic drivers. Here’s how you can check if Intel display drivers are blocking Windows 10 1809.

Intel display drivers blocking Windows 10 1809

The Intel display drivers blocking Windows 10 1809 are;

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Now you need to check which display driver version you’re running. To do that, open the Device manager. You can search for it on Windows search, or you can open the Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound and select Device manager under Devices and Printers.

On the Device Manager, expand the Display Adapter group of devices and select your Intel graphics card. Double-click it to open its properties. Go to the Driver tab, and check the driver version.

If you’ve received one of the updated drivers that Microsoft is blocking updates to, you will have to roll it back to an older version and then run Windows update. If the roll back option isn’t available, what you can do instead is visit Intel and find the display driver that is available apart from the problematic drivers.

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If you can’t find the driver on Intel’s website, visit your laptop/desktop manufacturer’s website and download the display driver that is available there. The driver will obviously be an older version and when you try and install it, it will tell you a newer version is available and running on your system.

To work around that, you must first uninstall the driver from Device Manager, and then manually install the one you downloaded. Your display quality might fall after you remove the driver but don’t worry. Try to keep your system disconnected from the internet while you do this to stop the system searching for and installing newer drivers. Once you’re done, block display driver updates until you receive the next Windows 10 update.

If you’re not too eager to get the next Windows 10 update, you can wait a while. Microsoft is aware of this problem and is actively working with Intel to push a fix for it. If you’re unable to find older display drivers, you can always do a clean install of the new Windows 10 version. The media creation tool has been updated so that it downloads 1809.

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