How To Change The Wallpaper On Low Battery On Windows 10 [Guide]

Windows 10 doesn’t have an option to automatically change wallpapers. The only thing that comes close is the slideshow option. There are however, many apps that can schedule when your wallpaper changes. These apps rely on different triggers such as time of day to change the wallpaper. Chameleon is a free, open source Windows app that lets you change the wallpaper on low battery. It also lets you change the wallpaper based on other triggers like time of day, weather, humidity, and other weather conditions.

Wallpaper On Low Battery

Download and run Chameleon. By default, the None trigger is selected. Select the battery trigger. At the bottom, you will see image holders with battery percentages allocated to each one. The image holders each represent a battery slot e.g., 10%-19%.

If you want to use a dark wallpaper once your battery is at 20%, find the slot for it and drag and drop the image you want to use on to the slot. Follow suit for all battery levels that you want to change the wallpaper for. Once you’re done, click the Run button at the bottom.

If you want to use one of the weather related triggers, you have to click the Settings button at the top and pick a weather station. This feature is limited to the US and Canada

The app also has a time trigger which means you can use it to change the wallpaper every hour and replicate the Dynamic Wallpaper feature on macOS Mojave.

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The app runs in the system tray and has very little impact on your system’s resources. Even a fairly old system ought to be able to run it without any problems. For battery and weather related triggers, you can choose how often the app checks the status of both from the Refresh Interval field.

If you often use your system on battery power, this app can be useful in setting a darker wallpaper for when the battery is low. It won’t make a monumental difference in how much more time you can squeeze from a single charge but it ought make a small-ish difference. The time triggers are useful as well for setting a dark image at night, and a brighter one during the day. The app is certainly easier to configure and set up compared to the many other, similar options out there.

It’s unfortunate that the weather triggers are limited to only two countries but to be fair, not many people see cause to change their wallpaper just because it’s going to rain.

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