How to center and resize app windows on Windows 10 [Guide]

Windows 10, like its predecessors has a snap function which, by all accounts is useful but hasn’t been updated in years. It still snaps only two windows and if you need to snap more windows, you need apps that can create a custom snapping grid on Windows 10. For a quicker way to center and resize app windows on Windows 10, you need an app called SmartSystemMenu.

SmartSystemMenu is a free, open source app that adds additional settings to the title bar menu of apps on Windows 10. The additional settings allow you to resize windows and align them any way you want. It’s possibly one of the quickest ways to center and resize app windows.

Center and resize app windows

Download SmartSystemMenu and extract the zip file. Run the EXE inside it. The app doesn’t need to be installed. When you run it, it will minimize to the system tray.

Open a File Explorer window, and right-click the title bar. You will see a long list of new options that the app has added. To resize the window, go to the Resize option and select one of the size presets. The presets include common display resolutions however if you need to resize a window to a custom resolution/size, you can add it by selecting the Custom option.

To align the app window, go to the Alignment option in the menu, and select how you want to align it. This menu also has a Custom option that lets you set a position for the app window. SmartSystemMenu doesn’t force apps to remember their previous size or position however, in most cases, Windows’ apps will remember it themselves.

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In addition to the resize and alignment features, you can also use SmartSystemMenu to pin a window to the top, screenshot a window, reduce its transparency, and set its priority. There’s also another pretty useful option in the list called ‘Information’ which gives you information about the app window.

SmartSystemMenu works for most desktop apps however, for some reason it didn’t work on Chrome during our tests. The menu didn’t appear at all. With UWP apps, it doesn’t work since they do not have the same title bar that desktop apps have. This is an unfortunate shortcoming of the app which is otherwise one of the fastest ways you can ask for to resize or center an app window.

The app is lightweight and if you find you’re using it often, you can set it to run on system boot.

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