How to battle other players on Pokèmon Go [Guide]

Ever since Pokèmon Go was first launched, players have wanted one major feature; the ability to battle other players. The point of the game isn’t just to catch and evolve Pokèmon. It’s also to win battles. As the game evolved, aspects of battles were added to the game. Gym battles and raids have been popular and now, you can finally battle other players on Pokèmon Go.

This is a new feature added via an app update. It’s available on both iOS and Android.

Trainer Requirements

Trainers must be at least level 10 in order to battle other trainers. If your trainer level is below 10, you need to reach 10 before you can battle or challenge anyone to a battle. To check your trainer level, open the Pokèmon Go app and on the main screen, look at the bottom left. Under your profile avatar, you will see a number telling you your current level.

Battle other players

Assuming you are at least on level 10, tap the nearby Pokèmon Go option on the app’s main screen. The Nearby feature doesn’t just list Pokèmon that are nearby but also trainers that are physically close to you. How close? You have to be able to scan a trainer’s QR code to challenge them to a battle. This means that you will need to get their code before a battle can begin.

This will involve talking to strangers so be careful.

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You can also challenge your friends to a battle and in this case, you don’t have to be in the same area to battle. The key is again the QR code but for friends, you already have their codes.

Battle format

When you battle other players on Pokèmon Go, you have to first pick out a league. A league places an upper limit on the CP of the Pokèmon you can use in the battle. After you select your league, you have to select which of your Pokèmon you want to use in the battle. You can also battle the official trainers if you want.

Once the battle starts, it will follow the same pattern as a gym battle. Two Pokèmon, one from each trainer, will face off. You need to tap your screen to attack the other Pokèmon, and swipe sideways to dodge attacks. Pokèmon will be able to use their special attacks once they are charged up. Defeat all three Pokèmon that the opposing trainer puts in the battle and you win.

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