How to add Facebook friends on Pokémon Go [Guide]

Pokémon Go is still a popular game despite predictions to the contrary. It’s been growing since it first launched and it’s come miles in terms of features and stability. When the game was initially introduced, you could only login with your Google account. Niantic has now added support for Facebook. You can connect your Facebook account and add Facebook friends on Pokémon Go.

Connect Facebook to Pokémon Go

This is a new feature that was added via an app update so make sure you’re running the latest version of the app.

Open Pokémon Go and tap the Pokéball at the bottom center. Tap the cog wheel button at the top right on the next screen.

On the Settings screen, scroll down to the Account section, and tap Facebook. This will open the Facebook app if it’s installed on your system, or redirect you to your browser where you can sign into your Facebook account and allow Pokémon Go to connect to it.

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You will be redirected back to the app. Visit the Settings screen again to make sure your Facebook account is connected. Once it is, you can add Facebook friends to Pokémon Go.

Facebook friends to Pokémon Go

Return to the main Pokémon Go screen and tap your avatar at the bottom left. On your profile screen, go to the Friends tab.

Tap the Add Friend button and on the next screen, tap Add Facebook Friends. You will be redirected to the Facebook app again and you will need to grant Pokémon Go permission to access your friends’ list.

Once you’ve given the app permission, it will search your friends’ list for friends that have connected Pokémon Go to their accounts. For those that have, it will add them to your friends’ list in Pokémon Go.

If you have friends who don’t want to connect their Facebook accounts to the app, you can use their trainer code to add them to the game. There’s also an option to scan a QR code. You can likewise also share your own trainer code with friends or your QR code and they can add you themselves.

There’s still no option to import contacts from your Gmail/Google account. You will need to utilize the trainer codes if you want to add friends from other social networks.

If you’d like to exclusively use Facebook, you can remove your Google account and use Facebook to sign into the app, and save your progress.

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