Get Saudi Arabian IP Address from Anywhere in the World [Guide]

Broadband internet access is available to most people living in Saudi Arabia. for those who can’t go online using standard connections, mobile internet is an extremely popular second choice. The country has had a steady infrastructure in place since 2001, with all connections offered and controlled by a central regulations board known as the Saudi Telecom Company, which hands out all Saudi Arabian IP addresses to anyone that goes online.

Although nearly every nation in the world runs its own local internet services, there’s a surprising lack of connectivity between the regions. For example, did you know you can’t access certain movies from certain areas, all because of international content laws? Try watching a Netflix movie from the wrong IP and you’ll find it doesn’t show on your screen, no matter what you do.

The best way to bypass these censorship and proxy issues is to use a reliable VPN. By connecting with a Saudi Arabian IP address, you can enjoy all the same content and privileges as locals, all without worrying over censorship or surveillance issues.

How to find the best VPN for Saudi Arabian IP addresses

There are hundreds reasons why you should use a VPN every day of your life. They keep your connection private, they make you anonymous, and they lock down personal data so you’re always safe online. Most of these benefits are due to strong data encryption and the ability to access non-local IPs. If you have the right VPN, that’s all it takes to keep you secure on the internet.

One big question remains, however: how do you know which VPN is best for getting a Saudi Arabian IP address? Research is the key, as is building a thorough base of knowledge on what makes a VPN worth your time. Instead of sorting through research articles yourself, we made the process easier by outlining selection criteria along with our list of the best VPNs to use for Saudi Arabian IP addresses.

VPN Selection Criteria

We used the criteria below to select our list of VPN recommendations in the next section. Stick close to these features and you’re guaranteed a solid and secure connection to the internet.

  • Server locations – One strict requirement for getting Saudi Arabian IPs is the VPN must have servers inside the country.
  • Privacy and security practices – Strong encryption is essential for online anonymity.
  • Speed – Don’t let a VPN slow down your connection or interfere with your movie streams.
  • Zero-logging policy – Your information can only stay safe if your VPN doesn’t keep logs.

Best VPNs to use for Saudi Arabian IP addresses

Balancing the features listed above, especially privacy and logging policies, is a delicate procedure for most VPN selections. Thanks to Saudi Arabia’s location, though, we managed to narrow down the list of best VPNs to a single one. It’s the only VPN that offers Saudi Arabian IP addresses, and it happens to be fast, secure, and easy to use, too.

PureVPN – More Than Just Encryption

PureVPN offers all the features you need to protect your connection and stay safe online, all without sacrificing ease of use. The service delivers a full suite of security features that keep you safe from internet threats on all of your devices, giving you instant access to anti-virus protection, malware shields, app blocking functions, DNS website filters, and more, all bundled into a single convenient package.

PureVPN provides plenty of privacy features along with its extra security offerings. It begins with a zero-logging policy on traffic and continues with an automatic kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption on all data, and DNS leak protection. And with PureVPN’s self-owned network of over 2,000 servers in 180 different countries, you’re guaranteed a fast connection at all times.

Need a Saudi Arabian IP address? PureVPN is the best mainstream provider that offers server locations within the country, making it easy to log in, connect, and surf safely with a Saudi IP.

OFFER: Take advantage of an amazing 73% discount on a 2-year plan, just $2.95 per month! You can even try it risk-free with the company’s seven day money back guarantee.

How to activate a Saudi Arabian IP address

Ready to put your new VPN to good use? Activating a Saudi Arabian IP address is easier than you might think. All you have to do is download and connect, and within a few seconds you’ll be online and surfing safely. Follow the guide below to get started.

  1. First, turn on your PC and open a web browser. Go to your VPN provider’s website and sign in. Download the app for your operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, etc.). Note that you may be redirected to a mobile marketplace if you want to install the VPN on an Android or iPhone. Make sure you follow any special instructions provided by your VPN, if applicable.
  2. Install and launch the VPN software on your device, then sign in using your credentials. Most apps will automatically connect to the fastest server as soon as you open the app, giving you an IP address from whatever country that server is located in. In order to get a Saudi Arabian IP address, however, we’ll need to switch servers to one inside that country.
  3. Open the server browser on your VPN software and look through the locations list until you find Saudi Arabia. Choose a node and click to connect. Once the VPN resolves the connection you should be able to use the internet as normal.
  4. It’s a good idea to test your secure connection to make sure the IP address we selected is actually active. There may have been an error in the installation process, creating a temporary IP leak. To address this as quickly as possible, we’ll run an IP leak test to make sure you actually have the IP address you want.
  5. While your VPN is active and connected to a Saudi Arabian server, open your web browser and visit The page will automatically run an IP address lookup. When it’s done, you will see a box near the top that says Your IP addresses. Just below it should show Saudi Arabia as your country of origin, meaning everything is connected and works just fine.

Protect yourself from censorship in Saudi Arabia

Censorship is a major concern for the citizens of Saudi Arabia. The local government maintains a strict watch over books, newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, and internet access, filtering content it deems inappropriate for locals to consume. Even if you’re just traveling through Saudi Arabia, your internet connection will be subjected to the same rules and regulations. You may even fall victim to the government’s mass surveillance programs, which is why a VPN is an absolute necessity.

What’s censored in Saudi Arabia?

A content filter was put in place by the Saudi government in the early 2000s, giving them complete control over what can and cannot be viewed via local internet connections. It’s estimated the Saudi Telecommunications Commission has blocked more than 5.5 million websites since 2008. Over 91% of these are said to be pornographic in nature.

The Internet Services Unit operates two lists of forbidden content. One blocks so-called immoral content (mostly adult sites and pornography). The other is a changing list maintained by a security committee that filters sites critical of the local government or religious policies.

As for types of content, the Saudi Arabian government filters a wide variety of websites that fall into the following categories:

  • Regional (originates from outside of Saudi Arabia)
  • Society and Culture (political and opinion content)
  • Arts
  • Business and Economy
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • News and Media
  • Recreation
  • Reference & Education
  • Science

Why use Saudi Arabian IP addresses?

One word: freedom. If you’re in Saudi Arabia, you automatically have a Saudi Arabian IP address. Why, then, would you need a VPN to give you the same type of IP? So you can enjoy all of the benefits listed in the section below without worrying about censorship or surveillance. By running a VPN with a Saudi Arabian IP address from within the country you’re essentially locking down your information so you can stay safe on the internet.

If you’re not in Saudi Arabia, using a VPN to get an IP from the country offers even more benefits. Not only do you get to take advantage of encryption and privacy features, you can also switch your virtual location to somewhere unrelated to where you live. Need to watch Saudi Arabian movies? Grab a local IP through your VPN and you’re ready to stream.

Benefits of getting a Saudi Arabian IP address

Once you have your VPN set up and running, what all can you do with a Saudi Arabian IP address? Below are just a few of our favorite benefits to using a VPN for a Saudi Arabian IP, all of which work no matter where in the world you’re located.

Watch videos from Saudi Arabia

Services like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube are required to restrict the content they offer based on where each user is located. If you sign in using a French IP address, you’ll be shown French content, even if you cross over into Spain. This can be pretty annoying if all you want to do is catch up on your favorite shows while traveling abroad.

VPNs can bypass this restriction by employing both encryption and virtual IP addresses. This combination protects your identity and makes it appear as if you’re located in another area entirely, allowing you to switch from country to country and access the videos you want. Simply sign in and connect to a Saudi Arabian server, then you have instant access to content from that country. Easy!

Bypass censorship blocks

Saudi Arabia has struggled with oppressive government-level censorship across all forms of media for decades. The internet is no exception. As mentioned above, the government maintains lists of content categories and over 5 million websites users are forbidden from viewing. This goes against the “free and open” philosophy of the world wide web, putting Saudi Arabian citizens at a considerable disadvantage.

A VPN can help you break through these censorship firewalls to access the open web. The encryption provided by a VPN makes it impossible to tell what you’re downloading or streaming, preventing firewalls from blocking your access. By encrypting your connection and changing virtual IP addresses, you can appear as if you’re from a new location as easy as you open a browser tab.

Access secure accounts from Saudi Arabia

If you have a bank account, credit card, or other financial service based in Saudi Arabia, you might find your connection blocked if you try accessing from another region. This security measure prevents thousands of cases of fraud, but if you travel overseas frequently, you may find yourself without the ability to connect to these sites for long periods of time.

Fortunately, VPNs can quickly remedy this situation by allowing you to change your IP address, fooling the service into thinking you’re in a different location. Now you can check your bank account balance no matter where you are, all with the confidence brought about by strong online encryption.


Getting an Saudi Arabian IP address isn’t difficult, nor is putting it to use in your daily life. With the right VPN and a few minutes of setup you can change your virtual location to Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the world, it doesn’t matter where you’re currently sitting. Use this to access content from across the globe, to stay safe while you surf, or to break through censorship firewalls with ease.

What’s the first thing you want to do with your Saudi Arabian IP address? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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