Get An Alert When A Nintendo Switch Game Is On Sale [Guide]

The Nintendo Switch has become exceptionally popular. It’s selling well and is more popular right now than an Xbox and the PlayStation. That is by no means an easy feat for a console that’s only been around for a little over a year. Granted, Nintendo is no stranger to consoles but this is easily one of its best performing ones. Since the console is a different gaming platform, games have to be developed specifically for it. Nintendo Switch games can be downloaded from the Switch Game Store. Like most gaming platforms, these games too go on sale. If you have your eye on a particular title, you might want to sign up for alerts for when a Nintendo Switch games is on sale with NintyPricer.

Nintendo Switch Game Sale

NintyPricer lets you add games you’re interested in to your wishlist. In order to keep track of your favorites, you have to create an account with the website. The account is free as is the service and the only reason you have to create an account is to be able to keep track of your favorite games, and to get an alert when a Nintendo Switch game is on sale.

NintyPricer checks two sources for game prices; the Nintendo Switch eShop, and Amazon. You can search for a game or you can browse the list of game titles that are available. When you find one you like, click the Add to Wishlist button next to it. You’ll get an email when a title on your list goes on sale. You won’t be alerted when any random game goes on sale. Only the titles on your wishlist generates alerts when there’s a price drop.

NintyPricer doesn’t charge for anything but you can donate to the app if you want by clicking Tip Jar at the top.

Game Price Updates

You can use the app without signing up for an account if you’re willing to check it everyday and see if a game is on sale. NintyPricer, in addition to emailing you alerts, keeps an up to date list of prices for all games. It’s obviously going to be a drain on your limited time which is why the sign-up option is there.

The prices aren’t uniform across the Nintendo Game store and Amazon. In fact, the app differentiates between Amazon’s digital and physical game purchases. If an Amazon physical game is on sale, you can only get the discount there and not on the Switch game store or on a digital game.

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