Everything You Need To Know About The Apple iPhone Battery Replacement Offer [Guide]

Apple has confessed that it slows down older iPhones once their battery’s capacity has depleted. No one, particularly long-time Apple product owners are happy about this. The solution to a slow iPhone is to replace the battery which, if you aren’t under warranty, costs $79. That price doesn’t compare to what users would normally spend on a new iPhone but users still aren’t happy about it. Some are willing to pay the price just to have a faster phone but others aren’t as willing. This is of course the stuff of PR nightmares which is why Apple has an iPhone battery replacement offer in place to combat it. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a new battery for your iPhone from Apple.


Apple has announced it will replace all batteries for $29 as opposed to the original $79 it was charging. This is effective right-now. You can walk into an Apple store and have your battery replaced. If you’ve already had it replaced for $79, you can have the difference refunded which just goes to show you that Apple knows customer service.


Some users are under the impression that their battery must have depleted to a certain degree before Apple will replace it. As such, it’s led them to question if their battery will be replaced for $29 or not. Apple is replacing batteries regardless of their capacity. Normally, the company replaces batteries that have depleted to at least 80% of their charge capacity however, this no longer applies. As long as you have an iPhone 6 or above, you’re eligible for a replacement. The offer will be available all through 2018 so don’t worry if you can’t go right away.

Apple Warranty & AppleCare

If you’re under warranty or you’ve purchased AppleCare, you may be subject to different rules for replacing your battery however, this is a ‘maybe’ case. It’s best to take your phone in and let them look at it. Given that this has been a PR problem and Apple is being sued over it, the company is inclined to change the battery and make less of a fuss about it.

Does It Work?

You might be wondering if changing your iPhone battery actually speeds it up. According to field reports and this Reddit thread, there is a noticeable difference. Users who have had their batteries replaced say their phones are much faster now. They can’t exactly compare it to the speed the phone operated at when it was brand new but compared to the old battery vs the new one, their devices are running faster.

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