Best VPNs for Internet Security in Kuwait [Guide]

When it comes to Internet freedom, Kuwait has a reputation for government censorship. Fortunately, a VPN can help you overcome online filters and enjoy the web freely from inside the country. Whether you are looking to stream videos from services like Netflix, circumvent national blocks or protect your data and identity, this article will help. Specifically, we’ll cover the benefits of using a VPN in Kuwait, the key features Kuwaiti residents and visitors should look for, and our top recommendations for VPN providers.

Finding the best VPN features for Kuwait

If you are new to using VPN services, you probably assume that picking and installing one is time-consuming. VPN technology is advanced after all, and with so much information and so many options out there, getting started can be intimidating. But don’t let long, technical descriptions of encryption protocols and privacy policies scare you. You don’t need to know how this technology works to use it. After reading this article, you’ll be able to go on and enjoy a secure, fast connection to a world of content without regional blocks or restrictions — no matter your current experience level.

Before we get into specific providers, we’ll cover the basic criteria you should look out for when picking a VPN service. When you are done reading this section, you’ll be able to read about different VPN providers while taking into account features in order of priority to your needs.

  • Network size – A provider with lots of proxy servers located around the world will give you multiple IP options to bypass regional content restrictions. Moreover, picking a VPN with many servers will help you to find a faster, more consistent connection.
  • Fast connection – Typically, an encrypted VPN connection results in slower download and streaming speed, since your data is getting rerouted through a server in another country. A good VPN provider will make the difference hardly noticeable by keeping lagging and buffering to a minimum.
  • Security and privacy – Opting for a VPN with good encryption technology, specifically 256-bit AES, means that your information will never be cracked (except through sheer luck that overcomes astronomically small odds). A no-logging policy also helps, because it means a provider will not log any of your personal information or activities.
  • Software availability – Having a VPN that is compatible with all of your devices and operating systems means you can use the Internet safely securely at all times. Whether you are on your smartphone or PC, all your devices can be kept safe with a good VPN provider.

Keep the above parameters in mind when searching for a provider. We paid special care to cover them – and since they’re so important to Kuwaiti users, you can prioritize them above other, less important features.

Top 5 VPNs for Kuwait

Now that you know what makes a good VPN, you’re free to perform your market research with greater discretion. However, if you’d rather have the hard work done for you, check out our top 5 recommended VPNs for Kuwait:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the gold standard when it comes to speed, security and an overall user-friendly experience. As the name suggests, ExpressVPN delivers a fast, seamless connection without bandwidth limitations or speed caps. With this service, the speed difference between an encrypted and unencrypted connections barely noticeable. With ExpressVPN, you can stream, game and torrent to your heart’s content – and without lags or buffer times. In addition to being fast, ExpressVPN is safe and reliable. It comes with a host of security features, from near-unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption to an automatic kill switch that ensures your privacy remains protected when you lose your VPN connection. Further, the zero-logging policy is outstanding, with virtually no information – including browsing history and IP addresses – being stored in ExpressVPN’s records.

With a network of 2,000+ proxy servers in 94 countries, this VPN gives you heaps of connection options that let you overcome regional blocks and browse international content libraries. Whether you are looking to stream videos on Hulu and Netflix or surf the web with a foreign IP address, ExpressVPN will help you get what you want in just minutes. The apps are incredibly easy to use, and their single-click interface makes it easy to get the exact configuration you need for what you want to do. Even better, it doesn’t matter what device you have, because the apps are compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and even PlayStation and Xbox systems —as well as most modern smart TVs and routers.

Learn more in our full review of ExpressVPN.

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2. NordVPN

NordVPN has the biggest network in the industry, with 5,100+ servers in 62 countries. Better yet, NordVPN’s network is constantly expanding to include new countries and servers. Many of the network’s nodes are specialty servers, including Onion over VPN, anti-DDoS, P2P, double VPN, and a few others covered in our full review of the provider. With all of these server options, you can get any IP you need while in Kuwait — and use servers optimized for your specific needs. What’s really cool is that you can use up to 5 connections at once, meaning you can (for example) connect to a P2P server on your desktop – and an anti-DDoS connection on your router.

Encryption-wise, NordVPN uses military-grade 256-bit AES  encryption that’s virtually impossible to crack (even for government agencies). Specific protocols include UDP, TCP, L2TP, PPTP and censorship-beating SSTP. In addition to using cryptographic technology, NordVPN has a free DNS leak test and an automatic kill switch that help make sure your privacy is protected. On the company’s governance side, a strong no-logging policy ensures that none of your browsing history, IP addresses, or timestamps can be traced back to you.

Learn more in our complete NordVPN review.

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3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a great fit for users who are new to using VPN services and are looking for a simple, user-friendly app. As soon as you open the CyberGhost app, you are presented with six options including “Torrent Anonymously,†“Browse Anonymously”, and “Unblock Streaming Sites.†Once you select the option you need, you will automatically connect to an appropriate server with settings tailored to your needs.

Despite being dead-simple to use, CyberGhost is no slouch on technical features. With 256-bit AES encryption, CyberGhost’s VPN connections are virtually unbreakable. When you’re using this service, individuals and organizations – including governments – will find it extremely difficult to access your data. As an extra layer of security, the no-logging policy is so complete that CyberGhost doesn’t even store your email addresses.

With 3,100+ proxy servers across 59 countries, CyberGhost gives its users the option to pick from a wide variety of IPs. A server this large also means that connection speeds are high – and with no bandwidth, speed or server switch limits, you’re welcome to stay connected for as long (or as little) as you want. The service’s apps are available on Windows, Mac, OS, Chrome OS, Linux, and many other devices, with up to 5 simultaneous connections with any payment plan you choose.

Learn more in our comprehensive CyberGhost review.

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4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a wonderful choice if you want to stream TV shows and films online. Unlike most VPN providers, PrivateVPN gives you the option to get a dedicated IP that nobody else uses. These IPs protect your online reputation – and virtually never appear on the “blocked IP” lists that Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services have. This means that even if a streaming company blocks known VPN servers to prevent illegal access, you’re going to be fine with your dedicated IP. With 80+ servers across 57 countries, PrivateVPN’s network may be smaller than other providers’ – but the quality of the servers (1 GBPS+) and the ability to get a personal online address make up for this.

On the security front, the provider offers 256-bit AES encryption as a default, but in order to enhance connection speed, you have the option to step down to 128 bits. Having said that, PrivateVPN is known for its consistent and stable connection, meaning that you’ll rarely have to use that option. The automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection features keep your connection safe, even if you drop your VPN connection unexpectedly. PrivateVPN is available for smartphones, PCs, tablets, video game consoles and even Apple TV and the Firestick.

Check out our PrivateVPN review for a full list of features.

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5. PureVPN

PureVPN has a very extensive network of 2,000+ servers spread across a whopping 140+ countries. This means that you can connect to practically any country in the world, regardless of the package you decide to opt for. You may be in Kuwait physically – but with PureVPN, digitally “teleporting” anywhere else in the world is easy.

Security-wise, PureVPN’s servers use 256-bit AES encryption to protect your information. Protocols include OpenVPN’s TCP and UDP: two cutting-edge technologies that blend speed and security. Another security feature is the provider’s no-logging policy on traffic, IP addresses and browsing history, which offers additional protection. Last but not least, PureVPN goes above and beyond what’s expected of a VPN service with a built-in app-blocker, malware shield, DNS website filter, and anti-virus.

Pure VPN’s user interface is quite easy to use, and with just a few extra dollars per month, you can get a static, dedicated IP in your subscription: a deal that would be a bargain at twice the price. Dedicated IPs are available in a wide range of countries including Australia, Germany, US, UK, Singapore, and Canada.

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Why use a VPN in Kuwait?

There are many good reasons to use a VPN no matter where in the world you are, but these are a few of the stand-out motivators for users in Kuwait:

Bypass censorship

Internet freedom has been a big topic of discussion these last few years. Most people agree that it’s both important and necessary, and major governments are taking notice.

Despite all of this, many governments, including Kuwait’s, pressure local ISPs to restrict access to certain websites, track and share users’ data, and block popular services that help beat these restrictions. In some cases, governments restrict all popular services like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Skype. For example, in China, as a result of the “Great Firewall“, locals aren’t allowed to access Google: the world’s biggest search engine. Kuwait isn’t quite as bad, but you can’t access WhatsApp and other popular services and publications from inside the country.

A good VPN provider will help you access all these blocked websites and services with just a few simple steps. All you need to do is download the provider’s app and connect to a server in a country with more lax Internet laws. For example, you can digitally relocate to Iceland while remaining in Kuwait, enjoying near-complete freedom from censorship and government filters.

Gain access to foreign content libraries

If you’ve ever tried to access services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer from Kuwait, you’re already familiar with the “content unavailable in your area” error message. Using a VPN will immediately remove messages like these and give you access to a much wider variety of videos from anywhere in the world, provided you pick the right VPN provider. A quality VPN service will let you connect to any IP address from any country where it has proxy servers. This means you can get a Chinese IP to stream from WeChat, a US IP to view NFL, NBA and NHL games live, or a Russian IP to watch hundreds of Russian-language films — all for free. This is the second major benefit of getting a VPN in Kuwait.

Keep your identity private

Do you want to protect your online data and identity? Then you need to encrypt your data while in Kuwait. It doesn’t matter if you’re a journalist, a public personality looking to protect your privacy, or simply someone who wants their online activities to stay private. Kuwait doesn’t have a stellar record on data privacy, but with a VPN, you can make sure that what you do online is invisible to the government. This is especially true if you want to access websites and services the government has banned, like most torrent, gambling and adult websites.


Finding the best VPN for Kuwait looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. Having said that, it’s important to digest all the information we have given you before you proceed. Using the guide above will allow you to keep your data secure, bypass censorship blocks and access the services you want freely. If you need any more information, just click through the links on this page to learn more about features and individual VPN providers.

What are you going to use the service for? Comment below and let us know!

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