Best VPN for Netflix Italy – Unblock Netflix Italy and Watch From Anywhere [Guide]

Are you fed up of only being able to watch a limited range of shows and movies on Netflix? Do you want to be able to watch the full catalogue of content that is available for Netflix users, like classic Italian movies and modern Italian cooking shows? Are you looking for a greater variety of content and an unrestricted Netflix experience?

Then this article is for you, as today we are going to show you how to unblock Netflix Italy using a VPN. Read on for more information and our recommendations for the best VPN for Netflix Italy.

Why Unblock Netflix?

Netflix has a ton of content for you to watch, from movies and TV shows to documentaries and so much more. However, the total catalogue of content available on Netflix is not available in every country. This is because of the way that copyright laws work: in order to make a movie available for streaming on a website, Netflix must buy the rights for that movie. What’s more, they have to buy the rights for each different country separately. It might be relatively cheap to buy the stream rights for a particular movie in Italy, but much more expensive to buy streaming rights for the same movie in the UK.

This is why there is different content available on different regional versions of Netflix. Large countries with a high percentage of Netflix users like the US tend to get the most content to watch, as it is worth it for the company to invest in rights for lots of different content. But for shows and movies made in a smaller country like Italy, it is not always worth the money for Netflix to buy the rights to show the content internationally. This means that there are some shows or movies which are available to watch on Netflix Italy but not on Netflix in other areas of the world.

Lovers of Italian cinema and TV want to be able to stream all Netflix content, despite any regional restrictions. They want to be able to watch content from Netflix Italy even if they live outside of Italy – and this is termed “unblocking†Netflix for open use.

How To Unblock Netflix With A VPN

A VPN works by installing a piece of software onto your phone or computer which encrypts all of the data that your device sends over the internet. This encrypted data is sent to a server which is run by your VPN, where the data is decrypted and sent on to its original destination.

This means that when you are connected to a VPN, you can use the internet as normal – with just one important difference. It appears to any websites that you visit as if you are connected to them from the location of the server, rather than from your actual location. So, for example, if you connect to a server in the US, it will appear as if your traffic is originating from the US.

And yes, you can indeed use a VPN to unblock Netflix! Just connect to a server in the country that you want to browse, like Italy, then visit the Netflix website. The site registers your spoofed location and serves up the Italian content catalogue instead of the one you’d normally see in your country of origin.

Unblock Netflix Italy with a VPN

The Problem With Netflix VPN Blocking

It used to be that you could connect to any old VPN and then go to the Netflix website and use the service with no problems. In recent years, however, Netflix has come under a lot of pressure from copyright holders to be more proactive in enforcing regional restrictions. Some rights holders have even threatened to pull their content from Netflix due to the number of users who were accessing it despite regional restrictions.

Because of this, Netflix has recently started to use VPN blocking software. This software detects whether a visitor to their site is using a VPN, and if they are then it stops them from playing back videos. Users with a VPN can still navigate to the Netflix homepage, but when they try to play a video they’ll see an error message that says: “Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.â€

Netflix employs various techniques to detect VPN use, such as blocking connections from ranges of IP address which are known to be used by VPNs or blocking connections from multiple users on the same IP address, which suggests that they are using a VPN. This is why most VPNs no longer work with Netflix.

However, there is good news – there are still a few providers out there who do work with Netflix! They constantly update their servers and their settings to avoid the Netflix VPN detection software. It’s an ongoing battle, but these few providers remain diligent in remaining a step ahead of Netflix’s countermeasures.

VPNs To Unblock Netflix Italy

You can see how useful a VPN is for Netflix users, but it can be a challenge to choose a VPN provider. With so many options available, what factors should you look at when selecting a VPN? Here is our list of most important considerations:

  1. Connections that work with Netflix. Due to Netflix’s sophisticated VPN blocking software, most VPNs don’t work with Netflix. We selected only those VPNs that have been checked and reported to work to let users in Italy connect to Netflix in other regions like the US.
  2. Plenty of servers. It’s easier to find a server that suits your needs when you have plenty of options to choose from, so we look for providers with large networks of servers. We also look for providers that have servers in many different countries, including places like the US so that you can watch the US version of Netflix.
  3. Fast connection speeds. Whether you are using your VPN to stream videos in high definition or to download torrents or other large files, you want connections that are fast and won’t slow you down.
  4. Software available for multiple operating systems. To use your VPN, you’ll need to use the software created by your provider. We like providers who offer software for a variety of platforms so that you can access Netflix from any of your devices.
  5. Good security policies. As a bonus, your VPN will not only let you watch Netflix content from abroad but will also keep you safe from cyber threats such as hacking. We like to see good security policies such as the use of strong 256-bit encryption and a no logging policy.

When we looked at each of these factors, we came up with the following list of recommended VPNs for unblocking Netflix Italy:

1 – ExpressVPN – Top Pick

ExpressVPN is a favourite VPN among power users thanks to its unbeatable combination of speed, security, and flexibility. In our testing we have found ExpressVPN to be the most consistently effective VPN at connecting to Netflix, letting you access the service from around the world using almost any server. Naturally, that means you can enjoy full access to the unique Italian library whenever you please. If you have any issues getting Netflix working with ExpressVPN, then you can check out the guide here.

The exceptionally fast connections make ExpressVPN ideal for streaming high definition video content through Netflix, and the security is also great. There’s the 256-bit encryption and a no logging policy that you need, plus extra options in the software like DNS leak protection and an IP address checker. The network of servers available is very large, with over 1500 servers in 145 different locations in 94 countries. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Linux, plus some games consoles, smart TVs, and even routers.

Read our full ExpressVPN review here.

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2 – NordVPN – Excellent Security

NordVPN is the VPN that we recommend for advanced users who want excellent security plus great flexibility thanks to lots of options. The service works well with Netflix, giving you access to Netflix content from a variety of regions. NordVPN lists all of the specific servers which work with Netflix on a page on their website, making it a snap to connect to the right server and start watching.

In addition to this Netflix compatibility, NordVPN also has exceptional security features. There are the basic features you would expect, like 256-bit encryption and a no logging policy. But there are also specialist servers available that you can connect to for particular requirements, such as double VPN (in which your data is sent to two servers and is encrypted twice over for maximum protection), P2P downloading, onion over VPN, and anti DDoS. The massive server network totals more than 3300 servers in 59 countries including the US, and the software can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Windows Phone. There are also extensions available for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Read our full NordVPN review here.

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3 – CyberGhost – Easy to Use

CyberGhost is the VPN we recommend if you haven’t used a VPN before and are feeling a bit confused by all this talk of encryption and servers. The software has a very easy to use interface, where you simply select the option you need and all the configuration is taken care of automatically. To use the service with Netflix, you simply open up the software and select the “unblock streaming” option. Then you’ll see a list of streaming sites that you can unblock; select the appropriate option and your VPN connection will be set up and configured for you. Once that’s done, you can just visit and start watching Netflix content from around the world.

The security features of the VPN are good, with the use of 256-bit encryption and a no logging policy. Then connections are fast and if you choose to set up your VPN connection manually then you’ll find plenty of servers to choose from, with a network covering 1300 servers in nearly 60 countries. The software is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

Read our full CyberGhost review here.

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4 – PureVPN – Lots of Extras

PureVPN is not only a virtual private network, but also a whole security package. The VPN has fast connections and does work with Netflix (it is most effective at connecting to Netflix US, but some users have also reported success when connecting to Netflix in other regions too). You can find information about using PureVPN with Netflix here, and there’s also a handy Netflix troubleshooting guide available here.

The security of the VPN has the features you’d want like the option for 256-bit encryption and a no content logging policy. But the real bonus of the service is all of the extra security features you’ll get access to, like anti malware and anti virus protection, an anti spam filter for your email inbox, DDoS protection, app filtering, a kill switch, a dedicated IP address, and a NAT firewall. The software is designed to be easy to use, and it is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Android TV devices, plus there are browser extensions available for the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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Netflix is a great service but the regional restrictions on content due to copyright laws can be a frustration. In some countries, like Italy, there is content that is available nationally but not available from other countries. But Italian users don’t have to put up with more limited options – you can use a VPN to access Netflix content from all around the world. Be careful, however, because not every VPN works with Netflix. Try one of the VPNs that we have recommended to unblock Netflix Italy and watch the content that you want.

Do you use a VPN to watch Netflix? Have you tried any of the VPNs that we recommended, and how was your experience with them? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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