10 New Features In Windows 10 October 2018 Update [Guide]

The next major Windows 10 update is expected to arrive on October 2, 2018, or at the very least, in the first week of October. This update is a feature update which means there will be considerable improvements, and new feature additions. The update will, like all previous updates, roll out to users slowly. Those looking to get it at the earliest can always do a clean install which is often the best way to go with these feature updates. If you’re on the fence about the update, or wondering what there is to look forward to, here are ten new features in Windows 10 October 2018 update.

New Features Windows 10 1809 Update

Before we detail the new features in the Windows 10 October 2018 update, we should get the major bit of news out of the way; Sets is not coming to Windows 10 in this update. Sets is a feature that allowed users to group apps together and use them in a tabbed interface. It made an appearance in the insider builds but Microsoft ultimately decided to post-pone it. There’s no ETA on when the feature will arrive.

Clipboard Sync & History

The Clipboard is getting possibly its biggest update with Windows 10 1809. In previous updates, Windows 10 gained the ability to sync settings, and activities across devices. With this next update, users will be able to sync their clipboard history between different Windows 10 machines. This means that Windows 10 will be able to retain more than just one entry in the clipboard.

Bluetooth Battery Percentage

The Windows 10 October 2018 update will allow users to view the battery percentage for Bluetooth devices. This feature is something that Windows 10 has been lacking, and that few, if any, apps have been able to fill in for.

The feature has great promise however, there is no guarantee it will work with every single Bluetooth device you own. It depends on the device as well. This feature is aimed at Microsoft’s own devices like the Surface Pen, or the  Dial. Other devices may work with it as well but you want to manage your expectations.

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Registry Auto Suggestions

Microsoft has added some pretty useful features to the Registry editor. In the previous update, a search bar was added. In this update, the registry editor will get an auto suggestion feature. When you type the location of a key, it will suggest keys to autocomplete.

Notes 3.0

Some users on the Windows 10 April 2018 update might already be seeing the new Notes app. If you aren’t one of them, this app is going to be a highlight feature in the next update. Notes 3.0 lets you sync notes across Windows 10 devices and you can apply text styles and create bullet lists.

Dark Mode

A dark mode is coming to Windows 10 with this update. It’s not the greatest, nor the most well thought out but it’s there. You won’t like it right off the bat and it will take a few updates and lots of feedback for Microsoft to get it right, eventually. The good news is that it’s opt-in, and Microsoft is finally working on a dark mode.

Screen Sketch

A new screenshot tool is being added in the October 2018 update. It’s going to replace the Snipping tool and users will be able to access it via the Print Screen key. This new tool allows users to annotate screenshots, and capture an entire screen, a select window, or a portion of the screen.

Power Usage By App

Another addition to the Task Manager is being made in this update. Two new columns have been added that allow users to sort apps by their power consumption, and the app’s long term power usage trend.

Game Bar Improvements

The game bar in Windows 10 will allow users to view a game’s performance. This will depend on which GPU model you’re running but you will basically have a frame rate tool built in to the OS which is fantastic.

Typing Insights

Typing insights will tell you how effective Windows 10’s auto complete and suggestions are. This is mostly a stats overview with no control over what you can do with the autocomplete.

Download Links In Windows Search

Windows search hasn’t been all that popular with users, mostly because it doesn’t work all the time, but also because the web search is powered by Bing and not very good. In this update, the web search will include download links to apps that users might look up. This is a lot like the Microsoft Store app results you get. Users will probably want to change the search engine for Windows search, and see if this feature still works. If it does, it’s probably going to be worth using.

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