How To Use Apple Pay On iPhone X [Guide]

Apple Pay and Touch ID are tied together on iOS. Touch ID makes it easy to quickly, and securely use Apple Pay. If you have to fiddle with your iPhone a bit too much at a sales terminal, it defeats the whole point of having a quick, digital payment system on your phone. That said, iPhone X doesn’t have Touch ID. It’s been replaced by the far superior Face ID. Like Touch ID, Face ID is the security layer that lets you use Apple Pay on iPhone X. It stands to reason that users should be able to access it easily without having to fiddle with the phone too much. Here’e how.

Double Tap Sleep Button

The iPhone design has always had a single button on the right side. It sleeps/wakes your screen, and lets you power the iPhone off. The left side traditionally has the volume rocker and the silent/vibrate switch.

On iPhone X, the button on the right side is still there but it’s no longer the power button. Instead, it does other things like activate Siri on iPhone X when you hold it down. It’s also how you access Apple Pay on iPhone X. All you have to do is double tap the sleep button.

This will bring up Apple Pay which you can then unlock using Face ID. Once your iPhone X identifies you, move your phone closer to the sales terminal you’re at to complete the transaction. If you’re using Apple Pay in iMessages to send money, you need only identify yourself.

Set Up Apple Pay

It goes without saying that you must have Apple Pay set up on your iPhone X. If you don’t double-tapping the button will only prompt you to set it up. We should also point out that Apple Pay is only available in limited countries, and limited retailers support it at the moment.

To set up Apple Pay, open the Settings app and go to Wallet & Apple Pay. Tap Add Credit or Debit Card option. You can manually enter a card or hold it up for the camera view finder to scan it. If your card doesn’t work with Apple Pay, or the feature isn’t available in your country, set up will fail.

Apple is currently working on bringing Apple Pay to more countries and to get more retailers on board. We should mention that just because a retailer doesn’t explicitly advertise it supports Apple Pay, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a shot to see if it does. You’d be surprised how many retailers that don’t make a headline out of it support Apple Pay.

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